The Forgotten Ones (paperback) by Kimberlee R. Mendoza

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  • For ten years, agent Laura Black has worked for a secret organization that captures and recruits "unwanted" teenagers and trains them to be assassins. Explosions, gunfire, and death are just another day at the office. Offered the chance to lead her own team, Laura jumps at the opportunity to mold new minds and possibly make a difference in the future of SIU.

    But this is no ordinary team. Smart and ambitious, these recruits have her questioning the last decade of her life. Especially Bryce Chappell, the ex-Army Ranger whose touch of conscience landed him in prison. SIU negotiated his release and assigned him to her, but Laura's fighting their mutual attraction--fraternization is a death sentence.

    If Bryce's love doesn't get her killed, her new team's insubordination, lies, and war against the agency just might. Will Laura give in to her heart? Or cling to the only things she's known?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 294
    Word Count: 66223
    978-1-61217-860-8 Paperback
    978-1-61217-861-5 Digital


    An explosion rocked the desert floor.

    Laura Black hit the sand, coughing against the smoke that consumed the air. Glass and rocks pelted her leather flak jacket. Jamming the rifle against her shoulder, she darted for a better position, ready to fire again.

    Masked enemies, armed with AK-47s, scampered to her right, both ducking behind a deserted sedan.

    Laura fired.

    One of the targets dropped.

    Heart racing, Laura crawled behind a beat-up sedan and peeked through the window. Except for dust and smoke, the horizon appeared empty. But she could sense them.

    An automatic gun sprayed in her direction. Shards of glass showered her black cavalier helmet.

    The radio clicked in her ear. “We’re bugging out, now!” Agent Harding yelled. “That’s an order from command.”

    Finally! Laura glanced around for an opening in the chaos. Her partner, Harding, climbed a ladder to the top of one of the few erect buildings. The helicopter would land there. She started to inch to his position, but stopped. Bullets pelted against the car bumper. She spun around and studied her exit points—a store window a few yards away and a hillside that dropped about thirty feet down.

    A rocket grenade barreled toward her.

    No time. She lunged for the store window. The blast launched her against a metal shelf, a rough corner slicing her skin. She swallowed against the pain and ran to the back of the store.

    Just another day at the office.


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The Forgotten Ones (paperback)

The Forgotten Ones (paperback)

Book 1

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