Beneath the Stones (paperback) by Susan Coryell

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  • Mystery, suspense and romance flourish against a backdrop of Civil War turmoil and ancestral strife--where immortality infiltrates the ancient air breathed by all who inhabit Overhome Estate.

    Ashby Overton has everything to look forward to, including a promising writing career and her wedding at summer’s end. But, Overhome, her beloved historic family estate in Southern Virginia, is in financial peril and it is up to Ashby to find a solution.

    Interfering with Ashby’s plans is a dark paranormal force that thwarts her every effort to save Overhome. Supernatural attacks emanate from an old stone cottage on the property rumored to be a slave overseer’s abode, prior to the Civil War. As the violence escalates, Ashby begins to fear for her life. Who is this angry spirit and why is his fury focused on her?

    Rating: Sweet (PG)
    Page Count: 312
    Word Count: 79232
    978-1-62830852-5 Paperback
    978-1-62830853-2 Digital


    He climbed down cautiously, the old boards of the steps groaning and creaking under his weight. When he reached the bottom, he turned, held out his arms. “Come on down, Ashby. Just go slow.”

    “Not to worry. I’ve done this before.” I reached for the first step with my foot, carefully moving toward the bottom, one step at a time, leaning against the wall for support. I was halfway there when it happened—so suddenly that I had no time to react. Frigid air swooshed down on me from behind, freezing my face, causing me to screw my eyes tight shut at the same time something strong and determined pushed against my back violently—so violently that I stumbled, then tumbled forward, to be caught in Luke’s outstretched arms from several stairs below.

    “Whoa!” He exhaled from the impact of my body on his. “My God, Ashby. What happened?”

    I slumped against him, unable to utter a single word, my breathing shallow and rapid. At last I found my voice. “Something pushed me, Luke. I don’t know what—or who—but it was powerful and deliberate.”

    Luke glanced up to the top of the stairs. “Nothing there. I’m going back to the loft to look.”

    I stopped him. “I doubt you’ll find anything.” I sniffed the air, expecting a new infusion of foul odor. “And what would you do if you did find anything?”

    Just then we both heard it. Hollow, chilling, trailing away from us with every syllable: “Go away. He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead…”


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Beneath the Stones (paperback)

Beneath the Stones (paperback)

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