Stargazer (paperback) by Sunniva Dee

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  • I’m Luna, and I’ve been in the Twilight Zone since I moved in with my sister and her boyfriend. I sense their secrets in every corner of the house.Gabriel is eerily beautiful, his personality disturbingly perfect, while Gaia’s PTSD bounces her between bliss and despair.Until Gabriel’s brothers pay a visit. Cassiel...

    He’s the night to his brother’s day, sex personified and the devil in one hell of a stunning package. He enthralls me with those oddly simmering eyes, hooks me with his touch. It’s been years since we last met, but this man makes me burn. Ka...

    With pearlescent hair and spring green eyes, he crashes into my world. I thought this crazy, beautiful man could mend my heart and make things normal. Instead, he pulls me from the embers and feeds me to the flames.What do you do when you’re both lost and on fire?


    My boyfriend was beyond beautiful. Ka threw his head back and laughed to someone, hair sparkling surreally and teeth gleaming like pearls. The ease of Ka’s moves surpassed any Bolshoi dancer’s.

    I peered past him.

    Nothing. My thoughts spun out of control, making no sense, so I drowned them.

    Please. Please-please!

    This must be how my sister felt. I was going crazy. Another disgusting gulp of air shot down my throat to my lungs.

    Ah, there.

    There he was. I’d recognize his shape anywhere. The silky hair gleaming blue under the lasers. The shape of his shoulders, the regal posture barely sloped into a hunter’s pose.

    The glow—always the glow. How could his skin glow? I was nuts.

    Cassiel had chosen a dark corner of the dance floor. My mouth went dry as I narrowed in. Was he hiding from me? Anger flushed away the panic as I pushed closer.

    He rocked his body to the music, hips swaying to the beat. Droplets moved down his throat, shining—glittering. I wanted to lick them off.

    He broke into a gorgeous smile, and my heart shrank. One of those stunning blondes with fairy bodies and big boobs wiggled in front of him.


    Her arms snaked up, curled around his neck, making Cassiel’s eyes sparkle with approval.


    Sex on the Beach projectiled from my glass. It hit Fairy Girl’s face in a single, messy splash. Not so cute now, was she, all wet and dirty?

    Her expression contorted, makeup running through the whimper she let out.

    There was no room on the dance floor. The glass slipped out of my hand and shattered when it hit the ground, but I was beyond caring.

    I wedged in between them and shoved into Cassiel’s body. He lost balance, taking a step back. Fairy Girl lifted her hands in a “What the hell” gesture, and I hissed—just hissed—and watched her back away from my—

    “Cassiel! Don’t you dare…”

    …touch someone else.

    …look at someone else.


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Stargazer (paperback)

Stargazer (paperback)

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