A Girl, A Guy, And A Ghost (paperback) by Sherrie Kelley

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    A GIRL: Traci Nettleton is in seventh heaven when Brad Davidson, the gorgeous quarterback on the football team asks her out. Then she gets a mysterious e-mail that threatens to ruin everything.

    A GUY: Brad loves hanging out with Traci. She’s cute, smart, and funny. But she seems a little jumpy around him lately. Is she hiding something?

    A GHOST: How can Traci be getting e-mails from her best friend who died two years ago? Is someone playing a cruel joke, or does Corky really need her help? Traci plans to find out – her new romance with Brad depends on it.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-158-9
    (156 pages) Sweet

    “So, are you going to invite Brad to your mom’s annual Halloween party?”

    Cradling the Cricket phone against her ear, Traci Nettleton considered her best friend’s question as she flopped onto her back on the bed and stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars pasted to her ceiling. They were pretty sweet when the lights were out.

    Almost as ‘sweet’ as Brad Davidson.

    “Trace?” Christine Abernathy prompted when she didn’t answer. “Are you? Don’t tell me you’re going to chicken out!”

    “It’s not that. It’s Mom. You know how weird she can get, especially on Halloween. I don’t want her to embarrass me in front of Brad.” She loved her mom. She really did, but she couldn’t help wishing her mom would act more like other moms instead of one of her teenage friends. Most of her friends, including Christine, envied Traci for having a ‘cool’ mom. Traci didn’t think they’d feel that way if her mom was actually their mom.


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A Girl, A Guy, And A Ghost (paperback)

A Girl, A Guy, And A Ghost (paperback)

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