The Black Palmetto (paperback) by Paul Carr

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  • Hired to find a man who has stolen classified information from a government research facility, Sam Mackenzie and his partner Simone track their quarry to the backwater town of Iguana Key.  Sam soon finds himself at police headquarters for questioning after a local citizen is killed.  As the murders continue, the police need a scapegoat and their sights are dead set on Sam.
    To get the police off his back, Sam enlists the help of Lora Diamond,  a beautiful newspaper reporter, and Harpo Crumm, a homeless man also hunting the killer for reasons of his own.  He uncovers a connection to a secret government program that reaches all the way to the nation's capital.  Navigating a minefield of hired thugs and assassins, he stalks the killer and becomes a target himself. The intersection of the players' investigative paths leads to a deadly conclusion.


    Rating: NA
    Page Count: 320
    Word Count: 78000
    978-1-62830-208-0 Paperback
    978-1-62830-209-7 Digital


    Sam turned into the motel entrance and took in the old beach lodging, a stucco two-story, thirty or forty years old. About a dozen cars sat in the lot. The lighted sign out front hissed and buzzed. It had an iguana figure perched on top, rimmed in bright blue neon.

    "This place gives me the creeps," Simone said.

    Sam parked, and they entered the office. A window air conditioner to their right dripped water on the tile floor. The temp seemed only a couple of degrees below that outside. Perspiration beaded on Sam's neck.

    The desk clerk sat on a stool behind the counter. He had shoulder-length hair, wore a short-sleeve uniform shirt, and seemed somewhere between young and middle-age. A nametag on his pocket read Chris. Grinning, he displayed yellow teeth and a lot of gum.

    "Your lucky day, folks. I got one room left."

    His breath wafted across the counter. Garlic and weed.

    "We're looking for a guy." Sam showed him the picture used on Spanner's I.D. card at the government lab in Homestead.

    Chris glanced at the photo. "Never seen him." He seemed to notice Simone for the first time, eyes lingering on her shapely, nearly six-foot figure. His jaw sagged in a leer. Bad move.

    Despite having the looks of a movie star, she could hurt him a hundred different ways. A source had told Sam she'd been recruited out of Yale by the CIA, and had gotten booted after ten years for leaving dead bodies all over Eastern Europe. Sam had once asked her about it, and she'd said, "Hey, I killed them before they could kill me." Sounded right to Sam, and he never mentioned it again.


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The Black Palmetto (paperback)

The Black Palmetto (paperback)

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