Seclusion (paperback) by Leanne Davis

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  • Seaclusion Series #4

    Angie Peters has come home to Seaclusion, Washington, the town she fled six years ago after giving her daughter up for adoption. She once again has a secret she will tell no one, especially not Sean Langston, the boy she had a child with so many years before.

    Sean Langston has a reputation he can't shake as a result of what happened with Angie. For reasons he refuses to reveal, he is trying to restore a historical house he plans to make into a bed and breakfast named Seclusion. The old, decrepit house has come to represent what Sean wants to be, and not who he has been.

    With Angie back, suddenly, everything between them is different.  Sean has never stopped loving Angie, and together, after all these years, they start the relationship they were incapable of having as teenagers. Until Sean learns the secret that brought Angie home, and will once again rip their lives apart...

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 320
    Word Count: 84270
    978-1-62830-343-8 Paperback
    978-1-62830-344-5 Digital


    “Why are you following me?”

    His eyes ran over her. “I wasn’t following you. I decided to quit playing games with you. I know why you’re here.”

    She froze. He knew? How? Because she’d carried his baby once, could he somehow tell? “You know what?”

    “I was in the diner. I was in a booth near you and Vanessa. I wasn’t trying to hear your conversation, but I did.”

    Angie shut her eyes and turned away. Sean Langston knew. Her humiliation was instant and complete. It rippled through her. The one person she tried to hide everything from now held part of the secret that drove her here.

    “You could have told me you were there.”

    “I didn’t exactly think the conversation would go where it went. I thought I’d lie low, avoid you. Not get an earful on your life.”

    “What do you want me to say?”

    “Nothing. I all fairness wanted to be honest with you. I know what a bitch Vanessa is to you. I’m sorry. She didn’t have to react like that.”

    “What? You would be nicer? Not tell me I got what I had coming to me? That my stuck-up ways are karma after me? Come on, it’s what you think, isn’t it?”

    He looked into her eyes, his gaze intense. She took a step back. He’d been like that in high school. He seemed to notice and observe everything. That’s what had so drawn her to him. He wasn’t like the other hormone filled jocks or trouble makers.


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Seclusion (paperback)

Seclusion (paperback)

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