Jinxed (paperback) by Sharon Horton

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    Since being widowed at an early age, Kendra Duchaine has led a quiet life as a teacher in her hometown of Claremont, Washington. Though at times lonely, she considers herself content until a chance encounter with the town's most prominent citizen turns her life into a frightening game of Cat and Mouse. Convinced her dilemma will be shrugged off due to the status of her ardent admirer Kendra feels she is alone in dealing with her problem. For months she's managed to ignore the multitude of letters, phone calls and expensive gifts, hoping in time her admirer would become less ardent. Her hopes fail one morning when she finds he's left a rose on her doorstep. In despair, and feeling her life must be jinxed, she reluctantly seeks help. Little does Kendra know, a 'Jinx' of another kind is in her future.

    Kendra's help comes in the form of, 'Jinx' Jenkins, a police lieutenant who, in a twist of fate, is also a widower. After listening to Kendra's story, Jinx is doubtful he can help, explaining her admirer might be too formidable an opponent for a police lieutenant. Yet, it's as that police lieutenant that he knows he cannot deny anyone help. It's as a man Jinx cannot deny he wants to help Kendra.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-108-2
    (172 pages) Spicy


    She stopped a few feet away. "Patrick saw you leaving my tent."

    "Ah, that explains why he was so quiet while fishing. I'm sorry. I'll have a talk with him and explain things."

    Kendra shook her head then lowered it. "You don't have to talk to him. He said he wouldn't tell anyone."

    In two strides Jinx had Kendra's chin in one hand, the back of her head in the other, his eyes and his question piercing. "What else did Patrick say?"

    "He said I ... I deserved to be ... happy."

    Jinx smiled. "I knew there was a good reason I liked that boy. He's right. You do deserve to be happy."

    "Don't you see?" Kendra cried. "Patrick has the wrong impression about who we are to each other, and why you're even here with me. He doesn't understand..."

    "Doesn't he?" Jinx asked quietly.

    As a policeman, Jinx knew he should let go of Kendra and back away.

    As a man, it was all he could do to think straight.

    How could he? Between the warm softness his hand could feel against her neck, to the velvety softness he could only imagine his lips would find against hers, it was a wonder he could breathe.

    But he was calm, calm to the point of realizing that, as his eyes were being pulled into the depths of hers, both their eyes started to close. Yet he felt he could still see her, and she was moving. Closer and closer they moved until Jinx could actually feel her breath on his face. He opened his eyes. Like his, Kendra's mouth was parted in anticipation and, hopefully, the same desire he felt. His heart fluttered and he closed his eyes just as their lips softly brushed against each other.


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Jinxed (paperback)

Jinxed (paperback)

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