Secrets (paperback) by Leanne Davis

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  • Seaclusion Series

    When Sarah Langston catches teenager Angie Peters shoplifting a maternity shirt from her store, the last thing she intends is to become involved with Angie or her family.  But something tugs at her heart and she finds herself struggling to help Angie deal with the pregnancy she has hidden for months.
    Scott Delano, Angie's uncle, has taken care of Angie and her mother since his father died six years ago.  Despite his efforts he doesn't seem able to reach his niece and is thankful when Sarah steps in.
    Sarah becomes the victim of anonymous pranks that start out small but quickly grow more disturbing.  Her relationship with Scott grows when she turns to him for protection and support.  But when Angie's baby is born and the father is revealed, the police cast their eyes upon Scott as the stalker. Sarah soon realizes there are secrets that could change everything.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 388
    Word Count: 97632
    978-1-62830-289-9 Paperback
    978-1-62830-290-5 Digital


    Scott suddenly smiled at her, and her heartbeat increased to double time. Had she ever really seen him smile like that? No way. His face lit up, his eyes flirted with her, and lord help her if she didn’t feel hot in areas that his smile should not have the ability to make her feel anything in.

    “I gotta get back to Angie.”

    “She’s lucky she has you,” Sarah said as she walked toward the door. He’d already crossed the threshold when he turned back and said, “Thanks for coming today.”

    She was six inches from him. Her head was tilted back to speak with him and suddenly there they were staring at each other, the moment perfect and heated. Finally, he was noticing her! He leaned in, and those soft-looking lips that had set her heart racing were hovering over hers.

    Without warning, he stepped away, bent down and back up, handing her an envelope as casually as if the moment hadn’t happened. Sarah looked down at the stupid envelope someone had left on her stoop. Embarrassment shot through her like a shot of alcohol, stinging and potent. She had misjudged his sudden leaning.

    “Good night, Sarah,” he said, after a moment.

    “Good night,” she mumbled as her cheeks turned hot. Did he realize what she’d thought? What she’d about done? She closed her eyes in horror. She’d been a second from puckering up to kiss him.

    She slammed the door with perverse delight, now relishing that he was gone.


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Secrets (paperback)

Secrets (paperback)

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