Walking Stickes: The Gift (paperback) by Sharron Riddle

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  • When her best friend gifts her with an eerily realistic skull walking stick, Riva's already crappy life descends into terror.  As if dealing with the local queen bitch out for revenge and her drunk mother weren't bad enough, Riva's "gift" has sprung to life, unleashing a spirit hell bent on stealing her body.  A curse set into motion.  Three possessed walking sticks, three girls turning to wood.  Riva won't go down without a fight, but can she reverse the magic before it's too late.


    Rating: NA (New Adult, Horror, Adventure, Paranormal) PG
    Page Count: 374
    Word Count: 92609
    978-1-62830-382-7 Paperback
    978-1-62830-383-4 Digital


    “Hey, when did you get up last night?”

    Kerry frowned. “I didn’t.”

    “Right, and my walking stick walked itself to the living room,” Riva said, worried by the genuine surprise on Kerry’s face.

    “If you’re trying to freak me out, it’s not funny.”

    “Me? I’m the one who found the stick leaning against my backpack, and that other stick knocked over as if it was trying to reach its dead brother. Nice touch with that.”

    Behind Kerry’s wild eyes, Riva watched her friend’s mind unraveling, raking through shadows for invisible monsters. And if she found them, she might start cutting herself again. Yes, Riva knew all about that secret. It hadn’t been hard to figure out after a few times in the pool, seeing the rows of ragged scars on Kerry’s thighs. She never let on that she knew, but she’d kept an eye out for new scabs.

    “Oh, I remember now, I moved the stick last night so I wouldn’t forget it,” Riva said, watching Kerry’s face relax a little. “I probably bumped the other one. It was right by the door and it was dark…”

    “Sure, that’s probably it.” Kerry laughed shakily.

    “Hey, they’re only sticks, Ker. Inanimate objects. Don’t wig on me, okay?”

    “I know, but it seems like weird stuff has been happening ever since I opened the package. The one in my room…” Kerry looked around, lowered her voice. “I locked it in my closet, and I heard it in there. Riva, I swear, it was trying to get out.”


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Walking Stickes: The Gift (paperback)

Walking Stickes: The Gift (paperback)

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