First Sight To Last (paperback) by Sharon Horton

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    Confident and self-reliant, Special Agent, Singer McLaine believes earning the elite Point Four status will be as routine as all her other assignments have been. And with good reason. With several successful missions under her belt, Singer has proven her age, looks and stature make her perfect for any task, which calls for the art of blending in. It's because of her abilities, that when two police detectives are missing in action, Singer's skills are called upon.
    Proficient in her craft Singer finds the detectives, and in one of them, Evan Wolcott, thinks she's found a kindred spirit. She thought wrong. Her pride hurt, Singer returns to the line of duty determined to forget Evan and twist fate in her favor. But fate has its own plans for Singer?plans which include an undercover marriage to the elusive and devastatingly handsome cop, who repaid Singer for saving his life by breaking her heart...Evan Wolcott.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-077-9
    (244 pages) Sensual


    “Shall we? And for the record, the toothpicks are verboten. Observe,” he said picking up a strawberry with his fingers. “If you're careful, you can dip the berry almost completely and not get your fingers sticky.”

    “But if you want to have fun,” Singer said grabbing a small berry, “you paint it with those fingers.” In a gliding motion, she dipped her finger across the surface of the chocolate then trailed it along the fruit. She continued this several times until the fruit and her fingers were both covered with the syrupy liquid. Her demonstration complete, she held up the chocolate encased berry for Evan's inspection.

    Evan watched mesmerized. His original secret thoughts of hand feeding Singer the berry he'd dipped had given way to much more lascivious thoughts. Fortunately—or unfortunately—his mind and his actions weren't paying attention to each other. He leaned forward, gently took Singer's hand, and bringing it to his mouth, slid the berry from her fingers. She didn't pull away, but he could feel her tremble.

    Evan also trembled. Lost in eye contact and almost unconsciously, he brought her other hand to his lips. The chocolate covered fingers now painted his senses as his tongue traced its own landscape.

    Taking Evan's hand, Singer dipped his fingertips in the melted chocolate. “It's your turn.”


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First Sight To Last (paperback)

First Sight To Last (paperback)

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