Resorts, Regrets, and Returning to Love (paperback) by JL Wilson

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  • Can you recapture a lost love?

    Thirty-four years ago, they were each other's first romance. For three magical months, Nate Boltz and Emily Sutherland worked together at a Michigan resort and fell passionately in love. But when the summer ended, Emily moved back home and their relationship faded.

    Now Nate is the town's police chief. When a skeleton is uncovered at the resort, the bones are identified as a girl who disappeared right after that tumultuous summer. Looking for answers, Nate reaches out to the resort's former staff—including Emily.

    Emily never forgot Nate and eagerly joins him as he tries to untangle old clues and half-forgotten rumors. Working together again, they rekindle the passion they once knew. But can they find a way forward from the old memories to something more permanent?

    Or does the murderer have other plans for the reunited lovers from that magical summer?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 428
    Word Count: 106776
    978-1-62830-291-2 Paperback
    978-1-62830-292-9 Digital


    "It's your home, Nate."

    She looked around the old resort. "I had a great summer here. Because of you. Despite everything that happened--and almost happened to me--it was a summer of love and happiness. I've never felt anything like it, before or since."

    I knew what she meant. "I know. It was almost magic, wasn't it?"

    Our eyes met and held. I knew what she was thinking. It had been magic, a very special kind. The magic of love. Then she took my arm. "Let's go to town and give the gossips something to talk about."

    I left my truck at the station and we walked to Cora's Cove, the one restaurant in town. Cora made sure we were seated front and center. I spent most of lunch fielding greetings, nods, and raised eyebrows. Emily finally leaned over to whisper, "I think everyone is watching us, Chief."

    I frowned. "Yeah. This might not have been such a good idea."

    "I think it was an excellent idea."

    "You do?"

    "Sure. It adds to the whole 'love lost' image. You'll have girls falling out of the woodwork after I'm gone, anxious to mend your broken heart."

    I touched her hand. "I'd rather you stay in town and mend my broken heart."

    She looked into my eyes. "I think I might like that. We'll have to see."


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Resorts, Regrets, and Returning to Love (paperback)

Resorts, Regrets, and Returning to Love (paperback)

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