Embraced by Fire (paperback) by Louise Delamore

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  • The last thing Ryu McKay needs on a mission to expose a black market information ring is a simmering attraction to his boss. Not only is he undercover, he needs to keep his shape-shifter identity a secret.  Despite his desire, he dare not act on his attraction.
    For Kait, excitement and that one special man exist only in her dreams.  However, everything changes when Ryu walks into her office looking for a job as a fire-eater.  Now she wants nothing more than to turn her dreams into reality.
    Kait's attraction to Ryu grows, but can it survive the secrets he's hiding? Like the fire with which he plays, this man is dangerous.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 364
    Word Count: 89628
    978-1-62830-064-2 Paperback
    978-1-62830-065-9 Digital


    Concentrating on controlling the fury of his fire, he blew a small flame onto the tip of each finger. The murmur from the crowd was louder now. He looked at his audience, his eyelids low, partially hiding his eyes. A happy buzz flooded his system. In this moment he wasn't an agent, he was simply a performer, enjoying people reacting to his skill.

    The next part of the performance had a deliberately sensual edge and he let his eyes roam the audience, a slight smile on his lips.

    When he was sure he'd hooked them, he stroked his flaming fingertips over his throat, then across his chest and stomach.

    As his fingers skimmed his body, he let his gaze linger on each of the women. Let them imagine his fingers were stroking them; let them imagine their fingers were stroking him.

    Finally, he reached Kait, who was watching him with fascination. His fingertips tingled as his tactic unexpectedly backfired. In his mind, he was no longer touching himself, she was. The thought made heat burst under his skin.

    Desperate to regain control, he let his eyes lock onto hers. He lifted a hand and leisurely sucked the flames from the tip of each finger, his eyes never leaving hers. The dragon twitched its tail in pleasure when her chest shuddered in response.


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Embraced by Fire (paperback)

Embraced by Fire (paperback)

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