Lethal Intent (paperback) by Cierra James

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    When assistant to head bio-chemist Carter Rawlins is found slumped over a microscope at Everlast Pharmaceuticals, Carter is forced by management to go undercover to flush out the recent theft of a proposed high profit drug formula. A lead sends him to a location in a small town in Colorado. But first he must attend his brother's wedding in northern Arizona. There he meets vivacious, outspoken redhead, Rebecca Jordan, R.N. He knows she is unaware it is her clinic under investigation.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-070-1
    (176 pages) Spicy


    Carter stood in the doorway propped on the frame with arms crossed at his chest. He didn't say a word. She followed his eyes as they took in every bit of her just-showered look. He inhaled deeply. “God, you smell good.” In an instant he stepped inside the door, closed it with a kick, and pulled her into his intense heat. His mouth covered hers smothering her protests, exploring, while savoring the sensation.

    Rebecca attempted to push him away, but only for a moment. The depth of his scorching mouth had a drugging effect on her. She pulled him in closer, hungry for his unspoken promise. The belt on her robe gave way. She was naked, flush against his fully clothed body. His knee parted her legs and rubbed her inner thigh. She groaned ecstatically when his thumbs found her taut nipples and brushed across them in slow torture. With complete abandon she sank into the passion that devoured her and returned his kiss with the fire of hell.

    Carter seemed to drink in her response, crushing her with his aching need.

    Suddenly she pulled away from him, breathing heavily, stunned by her reaction. Swiftly she gathered her robe around her and tightened the belt.

    He captured her hands in his and brought them to his face, kissing her fingertips.

    “Oh sweet Sunshine,” his voice broke in ragged gasps, “don't pull away from me now.”


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Lethal Intent (paperback)

Lethal Intent (paperback)

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