Storms of Passion (paperback) by Lori Power

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  • Vivian Margaret is tired of reading about other people's romances. She craves adventure. After a fortuneteller shines a mirror on her innermost longings, Vivian enrolls in a sailing course on the other side of the country.

    Reservist rescue swimmer and tech specialist, Tucker MacLean has been there and done that, and is not going to fall for a woman any time soon. That is until he quite literally collides with Vivian.

    Out of her element, she rediscovers her strength of character and a stubborn ambition to cling to hope when all seems lost.

    Not realizing the depth of his intense emotional attachment until a surprise storm threatens Vivian's life, Tuck must find her and bring her back from the heart of the storm. Passion drives him, love sustains him.


    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 200
    Word Count: 52116
    978-1-62830-188-5 Paperback
    978-1-62830-189-2 Digital


    Someone was singing down on the beach.

    He followed the sound of the female voice.

    The identity of the singer couldn't be anyone he knew. Surly no one from town would perch below his parent's house to sing pop music off key. Curious, he strode to the end of the lawn and glanced over the edge, where grass turned to a rocky ledge leading to the beach. He did a double-take at the vision of the woman from the airport. That was her, no doubt about it.

    There was no mistaking that long neck and the inky-black hair even more spiky than earlier today. Lowering his glasses down his nose, Tuck watched as she stretched her legs in front of her, crossing her feet at the ankles. What lovely long legs she had. She leaned back as the sun kissed her smooth skin. His fingers ached, watching her weave her fingers through her cropped hair and rubbing the sweat soaked layers from her skin. Supporting her position with one hand behind her back, she continued to lounge on the rock, as if the beach was her living room. Her head bobbed as she sang. Her feet swayed across the sand.

    Tuck looked right and left. She's tonight's main attraction and she doesn't even know it. She obviously didn't realize how close the houses were to the beach, and that there was no such thing as privacy in a small town.

    He recognized the song as she continued to sing, slightly off key, and he wondered if she'd give voice to the explicit parts of the song as well.

    He smiled, nodding his head, completely amused. There was no doubt in his mind now, this had to be the elusive Vivian. Vivacious Vivian. The name absolutely suited her.


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Storms of Passion (paperback)

Storms of Passion (paperback)

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