Moonlight and Violet (paperback) by M. Kate Quinn

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    The Perennials, Book Two

    Forty-four-year-old Violet Terhune wants to go back to Vermont like she wants a root canal. But, thanks to her ever-annoying little sister, that’s just where she’s headed. Penny, the quintessential apple of their mother’s eye, is engaged to a dentist. The week-long wedding-fest is booked at The Pines, the Vermont lodge where the Terhune family had spent the girls’ childhood summers.

    Though she swore she would never return to the place where the owner’s son, Logan Monroe, shattered her heart years ago, Violet embarks to the rustic setting to find it run now by Logan himself.

    The discovery of her girlhood diary unlocks the memories Violet has worked so hard to forget. During this whirlwind visit she and Logan confront new fears and uncertainties, and try to deny the chemistry that resurfaces between them. But, can a door stay shut once it’s been unhinged?(Pages 306) Sensual
    Word Count 81000
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-890-7


    Logan stood beside her at the railing. The evening air continued its rush, chilling her skin. Violet waited for his answer.

    She tried to ignore that her heart was recognizing the man—announcing so with its rapid beats. Her foolish heart mistook them for the kids that had clung to each other in the moonlight all those years ago. That was not who they were any more. Yet her heart—her source of life—did not care about that. It knew no calendar. Time had no effect on its memory. Violet’s heart knew only that this was Logan.

    He tilted his head and let one side of his mouth turn up into a smile. His dimple appeared like a pinch in his cheek. When she saw that dimple her heart reacted to it like a bold hussy—bumping and grinding against her ribcage. She touched her hand to her chest to steady the beat, to coax the pulsing traitor to knock it off.


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Moonlight and Violet (paperback)

Moonlight and Violet (paperback)

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