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Eye Of The Tiger Lily (paperback) by Ann Yost

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  • What makes a respectable midwife decide to rob a sperm bank? Temporary insanity?

    When Molly Whitecloud poses as a call girl to investigate rumors of corruption at the Blackbird Reservation resort and casino, she finds herself teamed up with Cameron Outlaw, her high school sweetheart and the only man she ever truly loved.

    Still smarting from her long-ago betrayal of him, Cameron wants nothing to do with the girl he once nicknamed Tiger Lily. But when the Indian Gaming Commission asks him to protect her by posing as her lover, he reluctantly agrees. Suddenly, he's sharing a hotel room and a still-powerful chemistry with the woman he's hated for twelve years. But is it really hate?

    As the danger intensifies and the old attraction explodes, Molly knows she has to be honest with Cam. But what happens when he discovers she's keeping not one but two baby secrets?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 280
    Word Count: 68466
    978-1-61217-008-4 Paperback
    978-1-61217-963-6 Digital


    Molly Whitecloud squeezed her eyes to block out the stark overhead light in the treatment room. A burning sensation crawled up the back of her throat. She knew it couldn’t be morning sickness. Not yet. Even if the procedure had worked she’d only been pregnant for about seventeen minutes.

    Molly lifted herself off the table, shed the paper gown, tugged on her blue jeans and pulled her apple-red sweater over her head freeing her thick, black braid in the process.

    If an acquaintance walked into the room she’d look like the same old Molly, the slightly sanctimonious, loud-mouthed crusader; the self-anointed guardian angel to the Blackbird Reservation and the Penobscot people. She’d look that way to her friends and neighbors. She’d look that way to her mother.

    But the impression would be wrong. She wasn’t the same. She’d let the halo slip. Molly wrinkled her nose. It was worse. She’d ripped off the halo and stomped on it. She deserved the quiverful of guilt that was already invading her bones. She knew it and accepted it. She’d bartered her self-respect for a chance to welcome Cameron Outlaw’s baby during the Sewing Moon.

    Molly imagined Cam’s reaction to this betrayal and her lips thinned. He’d be furious to learn she’d helped herself to his sperm-on-ice. He no longer hated her. She’d seen him a few times since his return to Eden and she’d experienced his indifference but under the smooth exterior of a sophisticated, buttoned-down financier there beat the heart of a lion.

    Cam’s fierce emotions were buried like the deadly rapids under the frozen Eden River and Molly Whitecloud had just drilled a hole in the ice.

    She walked through the sparsely furnished lobby of Boston’s Spotswood Fertility Clinic and into the brilliant blue of a late autumn morning. Normally she felt a surge of unalloyed freedom when she slid under the wheel of her ancient Jeep Wrangler. Not today. Molly felt no sense of relief that the hard decision had been made, that the die was cast, just a numbness and that stubborn, slender reed of hope.

    Thirteen years ago she’d followed her head instead of her heart and she’d lost everything. It was too late now for love but a twist of fate had presented her with a last chance at motherhood. She’d jumped at the chance and she had no regrets. She couldn’t afford to have any regrets.


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Eye Of The Tiger Lily (paperback)

Eye Of The Tiger Lily (paperback)