Temporary Fiancée (paperback) by Judy Rogers

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  • Haley Marchand needs money. So when a request comes for her to be both temporary secretary and fiancee, she jumps at the chance. As luck would have it, she falls on her face in the driveway. Entrepreneur Rand McNeil naturally says she won't do. Things take a turn for the worse when he degrades her elfin face and wild hair. Now Haley's on the defensive, and heaven help "Mr. nobody-should-look-this-good.

    Because he lied to his former fiancee, Rand needs someone who, in addition to having topnotch secretarial skills, can pose as his fiancee for one evening as he finalizes a pivotal business merger. He needs someone tall and classy, and instead gets someone perky and cute. No way his high-and-mighty ex and her father will believe he'd be engaged to someone like her.

    Can Rand keep the unpredictable Haley from turning his life, and emotions, into total chaos? Can Haley keep her attraction to hot-and-cold Rand under control as she challenges his diehard conviction that marriage is only for idiots?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 212
    Word Count: 54541
    978-1-61217-895-0 Digital


    His eyes changed to an icy, almost colorless shade, and his fingers tightened like a vise around hers. “If I hire you in this capacity, I’ll pay good money for your assistance,” he said with arctic coolness. “However, I don’t intend to be blackmailed because of it.”

    She winced. Every sentence out of his mouth stuck in her skin like porcupine quills. She yanked her hand back and met his gaze head on. “You should have thought of that before you spilled your guts to a total stranger. For all you know, I could be a tabloid spy.”

    “I was under the impression they didn’t hire children.”

    His look dared her to respond, and she barely restrained herself from sticking out her tongue. What a provoking man. “I just assumed you’d pay more for an acting job that gets you out of a jam than you would for someone typing up reports. Call a professional acting agency. Ask them about their going rate. I’m sure it’s more than secretaries make.”

    For several seconds he stared at a spot over her head, then shrugged as if resigned. “You’ll receive adequate compensation for tonight. And I still need you to do the secretarial work when this farce is over. I’ll want you to sign a confidentiality statement. Is it a deal?”

    This time it was he who offered his hand, as she nodded. Haley’s heart skipped a few beats. She had the job! Jubilant, she barely registered the now familiar tingle of awareness that zinged through her when his fingers closed over hers.


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Temporary Fiancée (paperback)

Temporary Fiancée (paperback)

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