Moonsworn (paperback) by Amber Renard

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  • Pine Valley Wolves

    Kel O'Conley, DVM, treats supernaturals and their pets. Where else can a witch take a talking familiar for vaccinations or vampires get a stake removed? Kel wants experience in her field before returning to her pack. She's fought tooth and claw for her dream and nothing will stop her.

    Until Tavis Alger, Heir to a rival pack, appears at her clinic with a gravely injured werewolf. Accustomed to obedience, Tavis doesn't know how to handle Kel—except in the bedroom. She completely disregards Tavis' title, but remains his packmate's best chance at survival.But Tavis' Alpha doesn't trust Kel and swears a blood oath: Should the injured werewolf die, so does Kel.

    To save herself, Kel proposes a political mating with Tavis despite their bickering. She didn't expect their white-hot attraction or developing feelings, but when more supernaturals are targeted, Tavis and Kel must work together or lose everything.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 322
    Word Count: 87380
    978-1-5092-2457-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2458-6 Digital  


    Have a rare or extraordinary species requiring unusual or specialized treatment? Text Kel after sunset. ALWAYS closed during the full moon.

    Smiling down at the post on my screen, I pray to the moon for an actual client tonight. I helped my first client via text. A gentleman—I use that term lightly—asked for a diagnosis of his pet snake. What followed was a barrage of unwanted, unimpressive, and inappropriate pictures. When I finally stopped laughing, I managed to give him my professional opinion. What he had between his legs resembled a dead rabbit fetus, not a snake, and if that’s what it normally looked like, he needed to have it checked out by any other doctor than myself.

    I never heard from him again.

    Just as I tuck my phone away, it buzzes. When I check the screen, my stomach clenches. I hate sending my dad to voicemail, but at least this time I can tell him I was working instead of just avoiding him.

    Leaving the empty stall I’d ducked into, I approach the struggling dairy cow tied to the far wall, my last patient of the day. I try to pet her. She kicks out a back leg, making me jump away, but not before she grazes my quad with her hoof, my leg instantly going numb. “When the university sells you because you’ve kicked one too many students,” I growl, rubbing my bruised muscle, “I’m going to butcher you myself and have a nice steak dinner.”

    The cow bellows and jumps forward, her hooves scrambling on the cement floor. I bare my teeth now that I’m safely out of range of her flailing hooves, which only makes her fight harder.

    Prey animals.

    “Still struggling with large animals, Kaelen?” Speaking of dead rabbit fetuses…Even over the sound of chatting vet students and lowing cows, I hear Dr. Ral’s approach. I don’t jump like he wants when I feel him behind me.

    Rule number one of being an Alpha wolf: Never let an enemy see you sweat. Not that this country club member wanna-be could ever elicit any fear from me but the rule still stands.

    Slowly, I turn around and fix him with my sweetest smile, my jaw aching with the effort to keep a snarl off my face. “Good thing I plan on working in a small animal practice.”

    Rule number two: Keep your business private. While my colleagues have fairly mild choices for their future practices, large and small animal, I consider myself a supernatural specialist, thanks to my upbringing. I plan on treating more exotic species, but I don’t need another dose of the doctor’s condescending smiles and suggestions that I pursue a different career.

    Ral’s fake smile matches the rest of his artificial image: A trim body that used to be hard from a large animal practice, soft hands, and a bright white lab coat that makes him look more like a poser than a doctor. How does he keep it so clean in a barn full of animals? As soon as I enter the barn, it never fails: some sort of animal waste stains my clothes.

    “I’d hate to write you up for being unable to treat a patient.”



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Moonsworn (paperback)

Moonsworn (paperback)

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