A Taste of Death (paperback) by Suzanne Rossi

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  • The Snoop Group Book 3

    Anne Jamieson and the rest of the Snoop Group are once again called into action when Fran Harrison, the former President of their writers' group, dies in front of dozens of witnesses during a luncheon. The death was no accident.  Someone knew about the victim's severe peanut allergy. Now it's up to Anne and her friends to find a killer.
    But Fran was not a popular person and the list of suspects is long. Then Anne finds a second body. The more the women investigate, the more they put themselves in danger, and the killer will do anything to get away with murder.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 316
    Word Count: 77558
    978-1-5092-2219-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2220-9 Digital


    Gil chuckled. “Opposites attract. Look at us.”

    “Yeah, just look at us,” she drawled. “You thought I’d killed Isadora Powell.”

    “And I can admit when I’m wrong.”

    Anne finished the last glass, wiped her hands on a towel, and faced him again.

    “Thank goodness for that!”

    He pulled her close and kissed her. A moment later a cough had them breaking apart.

    “Sorry to interrupt, but I just came down for a bottle of water,” Lisa said with an amused expression. She retrieved the bottle from the fridge and looked at them. “Carry on.”

    Gil and Anne both laughed as her daughter exited the room. Before they could take her advice, Gil’s phone rang.

    He pulled it from his pocket. “Collins here… That’s not surprising.” He paused for a long while as he listened. The look on his face turned grim. “That is. What would be the purpose… I have no idea. I’ll have to ask the husband. I take this to mean it’s official now… Yeah, I never really figured it any other way. I’ll get on it first thing in the morning.”

    He hung up with a frown. “That was Gilson at the lab. The reports came in. The only peanuts found were on Ms. Harrison’s food. All the other plates and the breading from the kitchen are clean. And here’s an interesting twist. Mixed in with the ground peanuts was a healthy dose of ground lobster shells. She was definitely murdered.”


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A Taste of Death (paperback)

A Taste of Death (paperback)

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