The Letter (paperback) by Sandra Owens

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  • The story of a betrayal that wasn't. Even so, it still tore two lovers apart for eleven years. On the eve of their wedding, Michael Jeffres, Earl of Daventry, found his betrothed, the woman who meant as much to him as the air he breathed, in bed with his cousin. Diana, the daughter of a marquess, remembers nothing of that night. All she knows is she was forced to marry Michael's cousin, Leo, and then spent the next eleven years in hell. When the two lovers are brought back together by a letter from Leo a year after his death, Michael and Diana must struggle through all the lies and secrets before they can find a love that far surpasses the one of their youth.   

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 364
    Word Count: 94657
    978-1-61217-856-1 Paperback
    978-1-61217-857-8 Digital


    “Like that do you?”

    “I should not be allowing this, but I cannot bring myself to make you to stop.”

    Diana lifted her lashes and peered at him. Wearing a deep blue dressing gown, he sat on the stool, her feet resting on his lap. A strand of black hair had fallen over his forehead. If she were close enough, she would brush it back.

    His hands slid over her ankles to the backs of her legs, kneading her calves.

    She moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, dear God, that feels wonderful.”

    Ink-blue eyes turned black. “I want to hear you say those words when I am buried deep inside you. I want you so desperately, Myana, I hurt.” He took the heel of her foot and pressed it over his erection.


    “Hush. Don’t tell me to stop. I am not going to do anything you don’t want, but I am going to do as much as you will allow. Consider yourself warned.”


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The Letter (paperback)

The Letter (paperback)

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