The Final Flashpoint (paperback) by Iona Morrison

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  • A Blue Cove Mystery Book 6

    Ghosts of the dead swirl around Jessie Reynolds seeking her help. Two bodies have washed ashore in Blue Cove. When a third body is discovered evidence links the victims to a group of missing college students. A fourth student is still missing and the spirits will not rest until he is found.

    Police Chief Matt Parker, the love of Jessie’s life, will have to handle this case alone.  Further investigation shows the murders are more than local hate crimes.  Matt finds himself targeted by the same suspects as the victims and must rely on experience and training to survive.

    It will take more than his skills to bring the criminals to justice and survive what they have planned for him.  He will need Jessie and the spirits’ otherworldy help to make it back alive.  Will love triumph over evil and give Jessie and Matt a chance at love?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 326
    Word Count: 82210
    978-1-5092-2196-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2197-4 Digital


    Chapter 1


    “Why? God, why? My life can’t end like this.” His anguished cries flooded her mind. Jessie lifted her head, tossing aside the book she was reading. Where was he?

    “Please help me find him,” she uttered, glancing at the noisy surf. The normally calm cove looked like a cauldron of churning water. Dark clouds were gathering out at sea. The wind was blowing stronger than when she had first arrived; an afternoon storm was in the early stages. The angry ocean thrust wave after wave onto the beach, spilling its contents on the sand.

    His tormented cries intensified. The scene that played in her thoughts propelled her out of the chair and onto her feet. She scanned the coastline. The beach was empty except for a few joggers. Yet, the sobbing persisted. Pushing her glasses on top of her head, she walked closer to the water’s edge. Warm, humid air swirled around her in the wind. Shivers danced down one arm and then the other. The water seemed fixed on thrusting something caught in its grasp closer to the shoreline. Driftwood perhaps. It was getting closer, whatever it was. And then she saw someone sitting alone on the rock jutting out into the water as the incoming tide inched closer to him. “Are you all right?” she asked, taking an unguarded step toward him. He lifted his head, stared out to sea, and then his eyes locked on her face. It was happening again! In one intense moment, she knew it was this man’s body inching closer to land.

    Frozen in place, she shielded her eyes from the sun’s glare and together they watched the waves move his body, pushing him, tumbling ever closer until the moment the ocean spit him ashore near her feet. Shock rippled through her, and a vivid scene flashed in her mind.

    “Move, don’t just stand there,” she hissed. Reaching for the phone in her purse, she snapped a picture and made the call, trying to steady her shaking hand. “Matt,” her words tumbled out, “his body landed at my feet. He’s dead. Hurry!” Tears spilled down her cheeks.

    “Slow down, Jess. Who’s dead?”

    She took a deep breath. “Some man,” she stammered, “the waves pushed his body ashore. I’ll send you a picture.” She walked away from the prone form, but not from his piercing eyes. “He’s a young male. And just between us,” she gasped, “his ghost is watching me at this very moment.”

    “Damn, Jess. Where are you?” Matt asked. She could imagine the look on his face. He was every bit the cop planning his next moves.

    “I’m at my favorite spot down from the Inn.” She shuddered when she looked at the motionless body. “Please hurry, the guests from the Inn will make their way here soon. I’m not feeling comfortable being alone with him, either.”

    “I’m on my way, sweetheart. Hang in there. I know you’ll have more to tell me when I get there. I can hear it in your voice. Stand guard over the body and don’t let anyone near the area. It’s a crime scene now.”


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The Final Flashpoint (paperback)

The Final Flashpoint (paperback)

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