Letters and Lace (paperback) by M. Kate Quinn

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  • The Ronan's Harbor Series

    A chance meeting at a beachside pub...
    A sultry dance with a stranger...
    A brazen kiss...
    Not a good way to meet your enemy.

    Trouble arrives special delivery when divorced innkeeper Sarah Grayson receives a letter of complaint against the renovation of her Jersey shore inn for her daughter's wedding. At a town meeting, she's stunned to learn her adversary is none other than the stranger from the dance floor, Benny Benedetto.

    Benny should've known better than to buy property with his brother. Now he has to protect his investment without letting his attraction to Sarah get in the way. When she begins receiving threatening letters, all fingers point to Benny--but he has his own hunch.

    Determined to solve the mystery, Benny and Sarah search for the writer's identity together. But the undeniable passion they unveil proves that sometimes while chasing one desire, the heart's compass leads another way.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 298
    Word Count: 72245
    978-1-61217-862-2 Paperback
    978-1-61217-863-9 Digital


    “Well, come on then.”Gigi placed her glass on the bar. “Twirl me around till I tell you to stop.”

    They left Sarah alone with the boiler-maker from Essex County that was currently wreaking havoc with her nerve-endings. Again, they stood in silence, more awkward now that Gigi had left. She didn’t know what to do with her eyes or her hands. How long could she stare at her dwindling drink?

    “Dance with me.” It was a soft, gentle statement without hint of question.

    She looked up. Shadows hit the angles of his face in such a way that the mysterious appearance he’d worn earlier had morphed into a smokiness that billowed to her. The vapor seeped into and through her being.

    Hesitation flooded her brain, but her body was a different story. Charges of glee spread through her veins, roaring in beat with the music. There was a war going on inside her, but one faction had all the power and she knew it.

    Gulping the last of her drink, she handed him the empty glass and looked him dead in the eye. “Sure.”


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Letters and Lace (paperback)

Letters and Lace (paperback)

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