Secret Surrender (paperback) by Lisa Dawn MacDonald

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    Widowed mother of three children, Vivian Ashton, is in love with her best friend. He held her hand throughout the painful process of losing her husband and the children love him. The problem is it's Uncle Trevor. Business entrepreneur, Trevor Ashton, never wanted the responsibility of marriage and kids. Lucky for him, he has two nephews and a niece. However, since his brother's death, he's stopped thinking of their mother as his sister-in-law. Loving Vivian could tear the Ashton family apart, yet it could also be the bond that holds them together.

    ISBN 1-60154-006-X
    (185 pages) - sensual


    “Trevor, what are you doing?” She sounded concerned.

    He didn't answer. Instead, he let his hands run the arch of her back and onto the curve of her derriere. He lifted his hips and ground his center against hers.

    Her arms grew weak and she rested her forehead on his chest. All of her weight crushed against him. “What are you doing to me?” she whispered into the dark.

    “I want you to know what you do to me. Feel how my body reacts whenever I think of us together.”

    “We've been down this road before. Trevor, we don't belong here.”

    “I disagree.” His mouth met hers in a swirl of erotic tenderness. “I love you.” He put even more passion into his kiss. “I want you. Damn the consequences.”

    She met his kiss with equal ferocity. “We shouldn't.” His mouth left hers and moved to her neck. She didn't recall shifting their bodies, yet somehow Trevor was now on top of her.

    “The truth,” he said. “Tell me you don't want this as much as I do.”

    Trevor braced his weight with his arms so he could look directly into her eyes. When she looked up at his face, she nearly cried. She did love Trevor, not as Dean's brother or as her friend, but as a woman loves a man. She stilled. “Trevor, I'm scared,” she whispered.

    His hand touched the side of her face, caressed over her shoulder, and grazed the side of her breast. “Are you scared of me or what we're doing?” She tried to sit up only his body wouldn't let her.

    The erratic rhythm of her pulse beat in the hollow of her neck. “I don't know. Maybe I'm scared of me. I'm trembling in my stomach. My body is starting to sweat and I know it's not because it's hot in here. I don't know what to do. All I know is that I would rather die than not have your hands on me.”


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Secret Surrender (paperback)

Secret Surrender (paperback)

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