A Rose in No-Man's Land (paperback) by Margaret Tanner

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  • Sister Amy Smithfield is carrying on her family's military tradition in the only way she can, as an Australian Army nurse. Dedicated to her calling, she has sworn off interest in men for the duration of the Great War in Europe. When she literally runs into Mark Tremayne, an English captain in the Australian army, her real struggle begins.

    Mark has his own reasons for keeping any relationship with the opposite sex in the casual mode, and he fights to deny his attraction to the petite blonde nurse who stirs his senses beyond the ordinary.

    Their battle against love continues from Australia to the Mediterranean to France. When Amy is captured by German soldiers, Mark realizes how much she means to him -- but can he overcome pride and find Amy after his jealous anger pushes her away?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 328
    Word Count: 80910
    978-1-61217-785-4 Paperback
    978-1-61217-786-1 Digital


    His gut clenched as he waited just off the Rue des Trois Cailloux in Amiens. Six o’clock. Where the hell was that staff car? He lit a cigarette and paced the foyer of the hotel where he had booked two rooms. Would she be all right? What if the Germans had violated her? The thought was a sword thrust through his heart.

    “Mark?” The one husky word, sounding as if it had been dredged from deep within her soul, caused him to swing around.

    “Amy!” She looked so little and frail standing there in a stained and muddied German uniform, her beautiful hair a tangled mass about her shoulders. “I thought I’d never see you again.” He took a step forward, then abruptly stopped.

    Tears welled up in Amy’s eyes. She looked frightful, while Mark was freshly bathed and shaved, his uniform immaculate, boots shined to a glossy finish.

    “What’s the matter, darling? What is it?” He opened his arms to her, but she did not run into them as she usually did.

    “I’m so dirty,” she sobbed.

    “Amy, you little fool.” He pulled her close. “After the hell you’ve been through? Oh, God, how like a woman to worry about her appearance.”

    “You’re so clean,” she blubbered, burrowing her face into his chest.

    “I had to tidy up before going to Headquarters.”

    She raised her head. “If it hadn’t been for loving you so much and wanting to see you again, I wouldn’t have survived.”



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A Rose in No-Man's Land (paperback)

A Rose in No-Man's Land (paperback)

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