Untamed Hearts (paperback) by Colleen O'Connell

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  • Fleeing her wavering feelings for her fiancé, Taryn Ashford boards a westbound train to visit relatives.  Her journey awakens unbridled passion with the dangerously handsome, Jared King.  When Jared is accused of murder, she is faced with providing him an alibi at the risk of her own reputation.  Did he use her to save himself or can she trust her heart – and him - to discover the truth?  A truth they must work together to reveal.

    Gunman, shooter, the brand is Jared King’s life.  His skill with a gun creates an existence forever searching – searching every face for the bounty hunter in constant pursuit, for the settled life he is certain he will never find and for one woman’s love.  Taryn Ashford, jeopardizes his need to remain emotionally detached.  She represents the happiness denied him, but if he pursues her, will he risk both their lives?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 412
    Word Count: 102283
    978-1-5092-2055-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2056-4 Digital


    “Jared please…don’t.” The contact consumed her, chipping away her control.

    He kissed her cheek, then pulled back. He encircled her waist with both arms, drawing her body slowly to his. “Why do you deny your feelings?”

    She tilted her chin upward. “I’m not feeling anything.” She wanted her words to sound indifferent, a pathetic attempt when her breathing was so pronounced.

    His brow shot up in question. “No?” His mouth swooped down over hers to prove her wrong, to entice her.

    She pushed him, trying to disengage his hold before she allowed the feeling to take complete control. He would have none of it. Passionate and demanding, he continued to kiss her. When she would turn her head away, his hand reached up, his fingers holding her jaw. Her heart pounded wildly, her senses reeling as she felt herself weaken. She must resist. She should think of Brad. He was her fiancé. In one final attempt, she shoved him hard staggering back herself as the support of his arms fell away. Righting herself, taking deep breaths, she returned his gaze, shaking her head. “I don’t want you to kiss me.”

    “You want more than kisses from me, Taryn.” His eyes blazed with passion. “If there were a decent bed to be found, I’d show you how much you want.”

    “How dare you! I don’t want anything from you, including your kisses.”

    A muscle in his jaw tensing, his eyes narrowed. He caught her chin holding it firmly in his hand. A slow smile formed on his face. “As I said once before, you lie extremely well.”

    He turned, walked back down the aisle, leaving her to consider his words. She never experienced such an arrogant and insolent lack of manners. Stomping on each rung of the ladder back into her berth, she mumbled her irritation with him. Her fury prevented sleep. Punching her pillow, she tossed and turned. How she despised him. The words raged repeatedly in her mind, but her heart felt the truth.


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Untamed Hearts (paperback)

Untamed Hearts (paperback)

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