Unraveled (paperback) by Allie Hawkins

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  • What if one loose thread could unravel your life?

    Three years ago, Quinn Alexander put the pain of Pierce Jordan's betrayal behind her. Now her brother needs a favor that forces her to confront the man she once loved. For her brother, who has guarded her devastating secret since childhood, Quinn will do anything--even risk falling for Pierce again.

    Pierce is the first to admit he broke Quinn's heart out of fear he'd never measure up to her ideal. Even so, he owes the success of their ongoing business relationship to Quinn's savvy mind and generous spirit. Now, just as he realizes how much he wants her, he risks losing her forever by challenging her brother's character.

    When Quinn and Pierce uncover embezzlement, drug deals, and even murder, Quinn fears for her brother, even as her attraction to Pierce grows. Which is stronger--a love renewed or loyalty unchallenged?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 404
    Word Count: 95327
    978-1-61217-553-9 Paperback
    978-1-61217-554-6 Digital


    Snow slithered down Quinn’s expensive, silk-lined boots, but she laughed, her heartbeat slowing. “Remember that fragile ego, Buster.”

    “That a challenge?”

    The heat in Pierce’s whisper promised a hint of what she could expect after he undressed her. Anticipation shook her. “I’d throw down my glove but my fingers would freeze.”

    “Warming fingers is my specialty.”

    “There you go. Being eager again.”

    Ahead, blue lights flashed, police radios crackled. Three whistle-blasts stopped her at a red light. Pierce’s voice faded in the crunch of tires. She yelped and jumped sideways. Her bum ankle buckled, collapsed. She groaned. A savage grinding of gears released the metallic taste of adrenaline deep in her throat. She rolled onto her side, flailed to get to her feet, imagined a car fishtailing on the ice.

    Blood roared in her ears. She scrabbled backwards, twisting her head toward the car she couldn’t see.

    Stand up. She had to stand. Had to...get...away.

    Instinct warned trying to stand promised disaster. Ice demanded crawling. Crawling offered a small hope of survival. She flopped onto her stomach. Her wrists wobbled. On the second try, they supported her weight. Her heart beat too hard. Too fast. Unable to catch her breath, she tucked her head and crabbed across the icy sidewalk. Too late, panic shocked her like electricity.

    Wrong way—she was going the wrong way.

    Turn around. Turn...

    A blur of black rolled toward her. Closer and closer. Headlights blinded her. She opened her mouth. Wind swallowed her scream.


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Unraveled (paperback)

Unraveled (paperback)

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