Love's Darkest House (paperback) by Ginny Lynn

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  • Jobless and out of options, an unexpected inheritance seems like the answer to a prayer for Renata Barkely. When she meets the seductive and enigmatic caretaker, Kenrick Giles, and discovers the Southern estate is haunted, she realizes her good fortune might be worse than being broke.

    Caught between her increasingly erotic dreams of Kenrick and a vengeful ghost-witch who wants her for her own dark purposes, Renata must face her feelings before all is lost.

    When ecstasy battles revenge, will passion be enough to win in this fight for power?

    Rating:  Spicy
    Page Count: 234
    Word Count: 66360
    978-1-5092-1956-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1957-5 Digital


    “Let’s see if you can stop this, my dear. Now we test your will and see if you can feel more than my strength against yours with my lust riding across your delicate skin.”

    I dared not open my eyes as I didn’t want to see him in this way. Not with seduction on his wicked tongue. I pleaded for myself to wake up. Wake from this dream that had grown out of simple chemistry for a sexy male. Wake from the temptation which dared to happen. Wake and break the spell before I was a sleeping victim of this want and desire. But all I felt was the press of his lips as the thunder rolled across our bodies.

    Such an innocent touch was deceiving. The kiss grew like the air that rolled the center of the storm over us. I had become the central area where the line separated dark from light and prey from predator. I knew which I was and it scared me but not enough to shock me awake. He leaned into me as he pulled my arms to my sides, increasing the amount of our bodies touching. As his arms crept along my ticklish waist, I was yanked the last bit against him where my breasts were a mashed ripeness against his ribs.

    I felt his breath exhale over the low-cut cotton of my top and against the skin forced upward from his actions. His arms had mine locked in place even while I tried to pry them loose. I grunted my frustration at him and got a hungrier kiss for my trouble. His mouth slid across mine as if trying to get the flavor of me, like licking the frosting off of a decadent cupcake. This was not supposed to feel good. Damn it.


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Love's Darkest House (paperback)

Love's Darkest House (paperback)

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