Yesterday's Promise (paperback) by Cassandra Bella

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  • The Grady Brothers Trilogy

    Since Cade Grady was a small boy, his job had always been to look after, to protect, Cara Bennet. But he failed in the worst of ways and Cara ran. Away from him. Away from their hometown and the Double “G” Ranch where they’d grown up. Now, he’s forced to  ​realize  mistakes from the past can never truly be forgotten.
    For Cara, coming back to Snow Ridge and the ranch was the last thing she wanted, but her father’s close brush with death leaves her no choice. Still, she swears to avoid Cade and the memories he stirs. When her life is threatened by one who has already killed, she has no choice but to return to the ranch and allow Cade to help her.
    Coming together to keep her alive, can Cara and Cade also find a way to let the past go and their hearts find the love they desire?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 300
    Word Count: 88918
    978-1-5092-1935-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1936-0 Digital


    She needed—

    So much. Too much. There was no connection with reality. With sensible thought. There was only Cade and her. Together in the reminder of all they had known. What they could have again.

    He backed her up, trapping her between the counter at her back and the firm, deep-cut shape of him pressing seductively against her.

    “This, Cara…” His mouth found and claimed hers again. “This is what we are. What is good between us.” He buried long fingers in the soft fall of her hair, holding her captive, refusing to let go.

    “You can try, but you will never be able to deny this. Deny us.” Tightening his hold in her hair, he nipped at her bottom lip.

    She moaned, low and desperate, swaying into him. Surrounded by the heat of him, she could only give in to what he offered. Taking it. Needing it. His scent—full of earth and sun—teased her. Drawing her to want more, knowing she would never fully be satisfied.

    Cursing, he stepped away, leaving the chill of separation to jolt her back to awareness.

    She looked at him, confusion running through her as she shook her head.

    “I’m going to go.” He brushed the pad of his thumb over her lips, swollen from his kiss. “Just as you asked.”

    He reached behind her, picking up her wine glass. “But, when you’re ready to accept what’s between us I’ll be here.” He gathered her shaking hand into his and pushed her Chardonnay into her hesitant grasp. “Ready for you. For everything that could be so good between us.”

    Not bothering to wait for an answer, he spun on the heels of his boots, never looking back as he headed for the door.

    She said nothing, made not a sound, as he stepped outside onto the slippery sidewalk quickly growing thick with snow.

    It took several seconds to regain her composure enough to follow his path to the door, flipping the lock into place.

    She caught sight of him outside the door, waiting there on the sidewalk, and knew he stayed to make sure she locked up behind him. Because that was Cade. That would be who he always was.


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Yesterday's Promise (paperback)

Yesterday's Promise (paperback)

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