Dancing With Velvet (paperback) by Judy Nickles

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  • In the waning days of the Great Depression, Celeste Riley wonders if life will always be the same: going to work, coming home to keep house for her widowed father, who ignores her. She clings to her married sister and to the recurring dream of a blue velvet curtain and a faceless lover who beckons her beyond it.

    Then a blue velvet dress in the window of a local department store seems to promise the change in her life she so desperately longs for. When she dances in the arms of traveling salesman Kent Goddard at the Roof Garden, she is sure she has found the man of her dreams and is crushed when he disappears from her life.

    Then, soon after Pearl Harbor propels the United States into war, Kent returns in uniform as a student at the new bombardier training school. Their deepening relationship is threatened by a wartime separation, but not as much as when Celeste realizes that what she doesn’t know about the man of her dreams maybe become her worst nightmare.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 300
    Word Count: 75522
    978-1-61217-200-2 Digital
    978-1-61217-199-9 Paperback


    She looked at him in the dim light, trying to remember what she’d felt the first time she saw him.

    “Kent, if we’d never met that afternoon in front of Cox-Rushing-Greer…or at the Roof Garden…if the war hadn’t happened…do you think we’d have been attracted to each other?”He grinned. “Not if we’d never met.”

    “It was a silly question.”

    “I think meeting each other was meant to be. You thought so, too, at least you used to.”

    “I think you were right, that night when you said I’m still a little girl. My head’s still too full of dreams.”

    “Dreams are all right.”

    “Nobody’s perfect, Kent, not you, not me, not anybody.”

    “At least you know that.”

    “If I was really mature, what Claudia said wouldn’t have made any difference.”

    “I wish it hadn’t.”

    “I wish it, too. I’m trying, Kent. I want to grow up and look at things the right way.”

    “I don’t mind waiting.” He stretched his hand across the table.

    She touched it quickly, then pulled back. “Will you wait for me on the corner?”

    “I’ll wait for you forever, Velvet.”


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Dancing With Velvet (paperback)

Dancing With Velvet (paperback)

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