Dark Secrets (paperback) by Marie Kenward

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  • The macCumail Bloodlines - Book III

    Sometimes truth requires treachery...

    Impressed into the Roman army, vampire Vasilios of Sparta learned to lie, fight, and kill in order to survive. He also learned loyalty and valor. These lessons serve him well for eighteen centuries until he's banished from his clan and betrayed by the leader he called friend.

    An immortal without a cause.

    A chance encounter brings FBI Agent Anne Mathews into his life. The obstinate redhead is on a mission to save her sister. Without Vasilios' help, Anne will never find her, let alone survive. But when an old enemy resurfaces, Vasilios leads Anne into battle to settle a score of his own.

    Hell-bent on winning at any cost, Anne is no damsel in distress. It's a game of good vs. evil. And as Vasillios' passion for her grows, he'll be forced to choose between honor and the only woman to ever claim his heart.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 382
    Word Count: 101700
    Print ISBN 978-1-61217-014-5


    Vasilios wrestled with a grin and resented the effect Anne had on him when his dimples won. He leaned-in, allowing himself one deep whiff of her unique cinnamon-lemon scent. “You shouldn’t be in here, you know.”

    “I know. I just hoped with it bein’ Grand Prix week and all, I’d get lucky.”

    Oh, you can get damn lucky if you really want to, Red. From the corner of his eye, he caught another vampire step inside the club, immediately joining the others. They all stared. “Maybe I should give you a ride back to your hotel.”

    Her hand settled on his forearm as she gave the club another thorough inspection. Her touch made his body tense. One word, he thought. One spoken word and she was his for the night, the week…the decade.

    “That’s okay. I have other places to check out.”

    “Flashing that badge around is going to get you killed.” When she shrugged and stepped away, he yanked her back. “Did you hear what I said, Agent Mathews? That badge is making some very powerful people very angry. People you don’t want to mess with.”

    Flecks of amber ignited in her toffee eyes. As enraged as she was, she wasn’t about to retreat, even if she was pressed against him from hip to shoulder, her breasts pushing into his stomach.

    “Quantico trained me to deal with bad guys, remember?”

    “Trust me, Red. Even in your darkest and scariest nightmares, you haven’t seen what these bad guys can do.”


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Dark Secrets (paperback)

Dark Secrets (paperback)

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