Bloodlines (paperback) by Denise Carbo

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  • They have been here for centuries. Their planet was destroyed by war, and they now hide among us. Malcolm Donovan, a dragon shifter, rules over one of four clans. When a clan member is murdered, he must find the killer. Nothing will disrupt his pledge to protect his clan. Nothing that is until he finds his mate.

    Elsie Monroe, human to the bone, and the resort manager for the Donovan family finds herself falling in love with the charming Wyoming town, and she can't help but be drawn to the mysterious, Malcolm Donovan. His rude attitude is atrocious, but his kisses can bring chocolate to a boiling point. Not to mention what he does to her body and heart.

    Soon Elsie is dragged into a world of secrecy and violence. Creatures she thought were fantasy are actually real. And she is left wondering if love will be enough to capture and tame her own personal dragon.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 274
    Word Count: 66278
    978-1-5092-1742-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1743-4 Digital


    He opened the door to the conference room and stopped dead in his tracks.

    The woman stood abruptly and opened her mouth to speak, only to close it without a word. The smile beginning to form on her lips dissolved.

    She was tall for a woman, almost six feet. At six-foot-four he was used to having to look down at most people. Her light blonde hair was loosely drawn back into a bun. He wanted to see it hang free.

    Honey-brown eyes met his gaze, widened, and blinked slowly. The loud thumping of her heartbeat reached his ears. His own was elevated as well. Malcolm gripped the door handle. He wanted nothing more than to close the door and find out if the plump pink lips she was currently chewing on tasted as good as they appeared.

    Instead, he stepped back into the hall and slammed the door. Malcolm marched down to Owen’s office and entered without knocking or slowing, shutting the door with a backhanded shove. “I want that woman in the conference room fired and off the property immediately,” he spat out savagely.

    Owen dropped the pen he held and stared at his brother, or at least he thought it was his brother. The man in front of him shared his brother’s features, but the brother he knew would never raise his voice, especially in a public place. He would never slam the door. He would not be running his hands through his hair in agitation. Owen opened senses he often kept dampened, because he worked around so many people and it could become overwhelming to hear so many sounds and smell so many scents. His brother’s heartbeat was racing, which explained the flush across his cheeks. He also noticed the telltale swell beneath his brother’s zipper and almost choked. His brother, Mr. Cold and never interested, was aroused by the new hotel manager, Elsie Monroe. Obviously, their meeting had not gone well.

    He almost smiled, but he had a feeling it wouldn’t go over well. Women always tried, unsuccessfully, to interest Malcolm, while he barely spared them a glance. Owen assumed, from his lack of interest, he had chosen to wait for his mate.

    Their race received one true mate. Some Rishardens had no interest in sex until they found their mate. Unfortunately, it was a rare occurrence these days. With so few of their race left, mates were in short supply, and since they could only reproduce with their true mates, children were rare as well. But Elsie couldn’t be Malcolm’s mate. She was human. It wasn’t possible, was it? He had never heard of such an occurrence.

    Malcolm propped his hands on his hips and glared at his brother staring at him in what could only be described as amused wonder. Damn it. The woman needed to go. She was a temptation he couldn’t have around right now—or ever. His body chose the wrong time to decide it wanted someone. He had long ago made the decision not to partake in the dalliances many others chose to. Partly, because he could only have a true relationship with his mate. Mostly, because he had too many responsibilities as it was and didn’t want another one. The odds of him ever finding a mate were astronomical, but that was a good thing. Mates made you vulnerable. Mates made you forget where your true loyalties and responsibilities lay. And mates and the possible children they could produce were liabilities he didn’t want.

    “May I ask what Elsie could possibly have done to warrant such a reaction from you? Granted this is her first official day as hotel manager, but she’s already been here several days meeting all the employees and getting to know the routines. I’m sure I told you when I hired her she comes highly recommended, and we’re lucky to get her.”


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Bloodlines (paperback)

Bloodlines (paperback)

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