The Fires of Passion (paperback) by Jean Adams

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    Patiki Bay Series

    Every woman should know a man like Blaize Hathaway.

    When Kimberley Holland shrugs off her family and relocates to the other side of the world, never does she imagine meeting the drop-dead gorgeous stranger who threatens her newfound freedom. His touch leaves her questioning far more than her good breeding, and leaves her hungry. Her grandmother’s wise words encourage living life to the fullest -- but is one week long enough?

    Blaize Hathaway despises wealthy women. They are predators who prey on ambitious young men, and the one he's been tasked to spy on is no different. Then he meets Kimberley, who challenges all his beliefs.

    Before Blaize can surrender to the fires of passion, he must escape the torments of a darkened past. Will he find the peace and love he yearns for or will he be too late?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 280
    Word Count: 68212
    Print ISBN 1-60154-992-X


    Blaize answered her honestly. “Because I’m having lustful thoughts about you, and I shouldn’t be.”


    “I can’t help myself.”

    That isn’t what I meant, but it’s very exciting. Her heart rate speeded up and her tongue flicked out to moisten dry lips.

    “How do you feel about that?” He turned to look at her.

    She tried to swallow. “I’m not sure.”

    He looked away and out to sea. “That’s what I figured.”

    “But I’m not offended.”

    He turned back to her, and their gazes locked. His chocolate colored eyes turned a deeper shade of brown, and Kim knew he intended to kiss her right here, right now. She had already made a conscious decision to experience this man’s kiss, discover exactly how it felt to be held in those strong arms, however much his virile, masculine power terrified her.

    For the first time in her life, she would know passion, experience a man like Blaize, or the chance might pass her by.

    As though he’d read her thoughts, he reached out to touch the delicate skin inside her arm and with excruciatingly light, slow strokes, caressed it with his thumb. She held her breath as his fingers played over her soft, sensitive skin, as though testing her reaction.

    She let out a breath, but didn’t move.

    A slow burn ignited in the pit of her stomach, reaching outward, downward, turning her limbs to warm honey. She stole a glance in his direction and saw that he was smiling.

    “Do you like that?” His voice was low, husky.


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The Fires of Passion (paperback)

The Fires of Passion (paperback)

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