Hunted Past (paperback) by Elle Hill

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    Serena O’Donnell, a healer, copes with depressed and suicidal patients dealing with past tragedies. She lives a quiet and safe life, comfortable in the thought she is free to define her own path. Suddenly a random phone call tumbles her existence into a fantasy realm peopled with warring superhuman beings who seem to know more about her than she does.

    Gabriel, a Field Psychic, is committed to protecting Serena but in the process discovers he wants to be more than her bodyguard. Serena and Gabriel team up to discover why she has earned the secret warriors' attention and explore Serena’s past for clues.

    Their journey becomes one of self-discovery, healing, and the slow burn of unexpected passion. The answers they find could bond them in love or forever tear them apart.

    Graphic Language and Violence
    Rating: Spicy ,br>Page Count: 276
    Word Count: 74375
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-983-0


    Serena sighed in annoyance. “Why would you—and Jade—risk your lives for me? You don’t know me. I might be a horrible person who swindles lunch money from perky little schoolgirls. I might torture puppies in my spare time…”

    “I’m more of a cat person,” Gabriel deadpanned.

    She stopped, mouth open, and gaped at him. “I’m serious! Who am I to invite an attack from these things and this protection from two people I’ve never met before today?”

    “You’re Serena O’Donnell,” Gabriel said. “And I know you don’t steal candy from babies and abuse pets. You’re a young woman who has devoted her life to saving others, to being strong for them when they’re weak, and you’re asking me why I wanted to return the favor?

    “Most of all, though, you’re human, and they’re not. The leeches want to harm something natural and good, and my duty is to thwart them.”


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Hunted Past (paperback)

Hunted Past (paperback)

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