Haunting Magic (paperback) by Neely Powell

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  • The Witches of New Mourne Series

    Fiona Burns, a witch who sees dead people, meets Hollywood producer Bailey Powers, who sees her as the next cable star—and a fake. Even so, she’s tempted by the dynamic producer in more ways than one. But she has a big distraction—a vicious curse on her family coven.

    The ghosts of New Mourne warn of the return of the Woman in White, a vengeful spirit who claims the life of a Connelly witch from every generation. During the battle, Fiona unwittingly fuels the demonic forces, and black magic brings death and heartbreak to her family.

    Initially a skeptic, Bailey is soon caught up in her supernatural battle with forces of evil. He’s also beginning to think Fiona can help him escape his haunting past.
    With magic and mayhem at war and survival on the line, the Witches of New Mourne face a new challenge from their ancient foe. They discover that not all dark deeds are borne of the Woman but a demon who is bent on gaining the Woman’s powers for his own. Will another generation fall? Or does the curse end here?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 296
    Word Count: 70045
    978-1-5092-1669-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1670-3 Digital



    Bailey’s expression almost made Fiona laugh. The high, thin wail of a baby captured her attention again, however, and she led Bailey through the crumbling gravestones.

    Shapes formed in the mist. Hands reached for Fiona, and she reached back. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

    A half dozen ghosts responded to her, each more insistent than the other.

    “Find the baby.”

    “The baby wants its mother.”

    “Help the baby.”

    “Only its mother can quiet the child.”

    “She never comes for him.”

    “He needs her.”

    As each spirit spoke, it disappeared until only one ghost stood in front of Fiona. It was a man dressed in the clothes of a farmer. He looked directly into Fiona’s eyes and said, “Get the baby to his mother and then you must help us.”

    That said, he too disappeared.

    Celia drifted into view. “Come with me.”

    “What’s going on?” Bailey whispered.

    Fiona held tight to his hand and followed her guide. Her shirt and jeans were damp from the dense, wet air, and water ran down her back. Bailey’s face glistened with moisture. The atmosphere was like a giant sponge. Fiona found it hard to breathe.

    “This is not good.” Bailey’s breathing was heavy, as well.

    Overgrown weeds covered the back of cemetery. In the deepening gloom, Fiona stumbled over a stump.

    Bailey grabbed her arm, pulling her up before she hit the ground. “Are you sure we should go on?”

    The baby’s screams filled Fiona’s head. She had to help this child. She plunged forward.

    The grave markers in the back of the cemetery were the oldest ones. Some of them were so weathered it was impossible to read the names and dates on them. When they reached the back corner, Celia stopped and pointed to a pile of stones, moss, and snarling weeds.

    Fiona knelt. All she could hear was the baby’s cry.

    She dug through the weeds and scruff, ignoring the sting of thorns on her hands. Bailey dug with her, and soon she touched the cool stone of a broken grave marker. They pushed the weeds, dirt and twisted vine away, and letters became legible on the marker.

    Fiona scrubbed off the dirt. “Baby MacCuindliss” was carved in uneven letters deep in the stone.

    “It’s her baby,” Celia said.

    “Are you sure?”

    The spirit nodded.

    Bailey drew in a deep breath beside her. “What does this mean?”

    “This is the Woman in White’s baby.” Fiona dropped to her knees and traced the name on the marker with tender fingers. “Please don’t cry,” she whispered. “I’ll try to find your mother, I promise.”

    The baby’s cry faded to a whimper. Celia disappeared. The mist blew away, leaving Fiona and Bailey under a canopy of threatening clouds.

    “MacCuindliss,” Fiona breathed. “The Woman’s name.”

    Lightning streaked over the mountains, and the ominous stink of sulfur infused the air.


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Haunting Magic (paperback)

Haunting Magic (paperback)

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