Grace and the Cowboy (paperbacke) by Amity Grays

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  • Grace Wade, business diploma in hand, is back home to pay a debt. Unfortunately, this means also having to deal with the demons from her past, particularly one handsome devil who has always taken great pleasure in watching her fail.

    Tried and true cowboy Mac Palmer has waited four long years to set the record straight. He was neither responsible for his brother’s betrayal of Grace nor for the dissolution of their engagement. There's just one complication, the headstrong woman is as unwilling to admit the facts today as she was back then.

    A flirt, a dare, and a stubborn cowboy—Grace should have known Mac would never back down, but why does she care? Could it be she’s actually falling for the impossible man…again?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 256
    Word Count: 63195
    978-1-5092-1523-2 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1524-9 Digital


    Too bad water couldn’t send arrogance down a drain, not that his would fit.

    Grace snickered and moved inside.

    The room was clean for a guy’s room, which didn’t really surprise her. The man loved order, everything in its designated place—its place according to Mac.

    The second thing that hit her was the familiar scent of male—his scent. She drew a deep breath and glanced at his bed. An unexpected urge to dive straight into the middle startled her back to her mission. She needed to make it quick.

    His denim shirt lay tossed across the bed’s end, his socks and T-shirt underneath it on the floor, but his pants were nowhere to be seen.

    Pursing tight her lips, she clenched her fists at her side. Rats and double rats!

    She should have guessed he wasn’t a robe sort of guy. He was more the drop-your-jeans-outside-the-shower kind of guy, which was going to make things a whole lot trickier. Shoulders slumped, course of action undetermined, she turned back to the hall, and…

    A plastic-covered blue book sat upon his dresser.

    Now that was just sloppy, almost insulting, but…she’d take it.

    Grace darted across the room. Grabbing the book, she slid it inside the robe’s inner pocket. She felt like the Grinch, so very pleased and ever-so-slightly devious. Only she wasn’t stealing from good little boys and girls. She was taking back stolen goods from a very naughty man. One who’d be returning very soon if the lack of running water was any indication.


    Her heart skipped a beat. She tensed, tilting her ear a little closer to the door. She didn’t hear anyone coming, but that wouldn’t be true for long.

    She stormed out of his room just as the bathroom door opened and a towel-clad cowboy stepped out.

    Grace froze, as did he. Their gazes met, her eyes widening with alarm as his narrowed with suspicion.

    Fear shoved her pulse to racing even as her legs stood still. Okay, this isn’t going to end well. Finally, impulse overrode terror, and she bolted for her room.

    But Mac’s arms folded around her long before she even made it halfway. Wet yet warm, solid yet soft, sexy yet…well, sexy stood alone—the man was hot, and by the look on his face, apparently steamed.

    Faster than she could mark his intent, he had her spun around and headed right back into his room.

    The door closed and a lock turned.


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Grace and the Cowboy (paperbacke)

Grace and the Cowboy (paperbacke)

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