Ex-Wives, Extortion and Erotic First Editions (paperback) by JL Wilson

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  • Cryptic notes about 'sexy' books from his murdered ex-wife lead security executive Jack Kacincyzk to Odetta Burnett -- bookstore owner, erotica connoisseur, and a woman who loves a mystery.

    Jack and Odetta decipher those clues on a road trip that reveals their own insecurities about aging, love, and commitment. Mistrust and misunderstanding make them separate at journey's end, but they're soon reunited when Odetta is attacked by men who are after the 'sexy' books she and Jack brought with them.

    To cap off their adventure, Odetta finally unravels the last clue, leading them to a pornographic web site and a powerful politician who wants them dead. Can they escape in time to crash Odetta's ex-husband's wedding to Odetta's ex-best-friend? And can she and Jack find the courage to take a chance on love and maybe find a wedding in their future?

    ISBN: 1-60154-752-8
    (Pages 262) Spicy


    “Mr. Perfect.”

    I knelt next to the box of books and started rummaging, finally emerging with a hardbound copy of Mr. Perfect.

    “Is this one sexy?” he asked, flipping through the pages.

    “It’s a hottie.” I continued pawing through the paperbacks. “Football. And Hawaii. And the beach. Let’s see if I can...”

    “What are you doing?” Jack knelt next to me on the floor.

    “I’m trying to see if other books fit those notes. I’m pretty sure there’s a football one.” I pulled one out of the box. “Here.”

    He looked down at the title. It Had To Be You. “Are these the sexiest ones?”

    “I wouldn’t say that, but there’s a scene in Mr. Perfect where he’s got her up against a car and they’re going at it. And in the other one they do it on the 50-yard line...Oh, yeah. Sexy.” I pulled three more books out, examining the back of each.

    “Wow. I didn’t know that they had books like this. The 50-yard-line?”

    I laughed. “Trust a man to notice the sports one.” I sat back on my heels, tugging my braid to stimulate thought. “Believe me, a woman who reads romance fiction never sleeps alone. And there’re a lot of single women in the United States who don’t sleep alone. Romance fiction is a huge business. Huge. I don’t see any other football books in here. There are two with great beach scenes. And I don’t know for sure if there’s any about infidelity. I should look at those notes again.” I felt a surge of excitement. This was great. This was exactly the kind of mystery I enjoyed tackling.

    Then I looked up and saw Jack Kacincyzk’s dark eyes assessing me. I wondered if there might be other things I could tackle, as well.


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Ex-Wives, Extortion and Erotic First Editions (paperback)

Ex-Wives, Extortion and Erotic First Editions (paperback)

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