Give Love a Chance (paperback) by Darla Jones

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  • Kim Hayward’s life takes a drastic turn when she finds out she is pregnant after being enticed into Evan Michaels's bed. When the flowers from her secret admirer turn into threats, she must fight to keep her and her baby alive.

    Evan Michaels, a prominent realtor, is vying for a seat on the state senate; an illegitimate child would ruin his chances of winning. Though he refuses to admit his fatherhood, he can’t help wanting to protect Kim.

    Will her pride and his senate race prevail over their unspoken love, or will they give love a chance?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 278
    Word Count: 71427
    978-1-5092-1486-0 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1487-7 Digital


    With some struggling, Kim managed to wedge her petite, pregnant body under Evan’s high bed. Lying on her side, her gun was aimed right at the door. The dust ruffle on the bed hung to the floor, keeping her hidden. Evan was right, she would defend herself, if necessary. She intended to fire as soon as the big man opened the door. His heavy footsteps echoed throughout the house as he stompted his way from bedroom to bedroom searching for her.

    Rat-a tat-tat. Deafening shots rang out. Each sharp crack vibrated from her head to her toes like an electric current. She slapped her hand over her mouth, so she wouldn’t scream. He was shooting at something in Derek’s room, and Evan’s room was right next door. She drew in a long, slow breath to help stay calm. Her finger twitched on the trigger of the gun. She held her breath and waited.

    Whack. The bedroom door swung open with such force, it sprang against the wall. Once again her body shuddered. With a gun in his hand, the huge man’s determined, dark eyes scanned the room for a second and then fixed to the left where doors led to the bathroom and a walk-in closet. Unable to breathe, Kim aimed for his heart, and squeezed the trigger. Kaboom.

    The man’s mouth gaped open, and for a brief second he stared in shocked disbelief, then his body crashed forward to the floor and his head bounced off the thick carpet. Kim’s lungs filled with air, but petrified, she couldn’t move. The man’s chest did not rise, nor did he attempt to move.

    As if a supernatural phenomenon, Evan stood in the doorway, revolver in hand. “Kim…Kim… Where are you? Are you all right?” His voice held a desperate tone. He stepped over the man on the floor and kicked his gun aside. “Oh no. Oh no,” he muttered to himself as he headed toward the bathroom.

    Kim struggled for air, but at last she was able to call his name, “Evan…I…I think I killed him.”


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Give Love a Chance (paperback)

Give Love a Chance (paperback)

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