Leap of Faith (paperback) by JL Wilson

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  • New Human Intercession Series

    Dru Delaney, a planetary Leader on Delmorna, has her work cut out for her: save a hidden race of humans from a deadly virus, stabilize her shaky government, thwart a merciless woman’s scheme to take over the leadership, and avoid Jak Exo--her lover, her enemy, and a man-machine "blend." Along the way she may have to fight a war, adopt a small child, be kidnapped, and escape…and discover her own humanity among the cloned humans she’s vowed to help.

    (Pages 272) Spicy
    Print ISBN 1-60154-854-0


    “Think about it, Jak.” Dru dropped back into her chair, her blue eyes intent on him. “Who else has genetic memory? Paul’s been telling me a lot about your culture—about the culture on Northern.” Dru continued staring at Jak as though daring him to speak. “He has a great deal of admiration for Simon Dupree. Paul said Dupree has convinced people we’re the enemy. He’s very charming, very charismatic. He’s a leader and someone who’s trusted and admired.”

    “What about Justine?” Bron asked. “She’s synthoid, too, isn’t she?”

    Dru nodded. “She was so proud of it.” Her voice was laced with bitterness and Jak knew she was remembering that time, six moonths earlier, when Jak and Dru first made love. Justine tracked them down and revealed Jak’s synthoid background, causing the first and deepest rift between him and Dru. “She must have genetic memory, too. Knowing her, she probably chose the nastiest ancestor she could access.”

    Jak’s mind churned with possibilities. He raised his eyes and met Dru’s gaze. “Simon and Justine would both have genetic memory.”

    Dru nodded. “Depending on who they can ‘tap’ into, as you call it, we may have a problem.”

    Bron looked from Jak to Dru. “What? Why do you look so worried?”

    “The people on Northern are the descendents of people from Old Earth and the geneticists who migrated here. What if...”

    Jak felt the blood drain from his face. “What if Simon or Justine accessed those memories? What if they know how to program the children we’ve placed in the population?”

    Dru nodded. “Those children could be time bombs waiting to go off.”


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Leap of Faith (paperback)

Leap of Faith (paperback)

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