Cravings (paperback) by Brenda Huber

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    Dr. Kate O’Rourke has dedicated her life to her career, leaving little time for personal relationships. When a secret admirer begins showering her with attention, Kate begins to fear for her safety. Then a gorgeous mystery man moves into the apartment next door, and Kate unexpectedly finds herself with a few dangerous cravings of her own. Bizarre things are happening all around her, and the world as Kate knows it unravels at the seams. The only thing she is certain of is that her seductive new neighbor seems to be the key to unlocking the puzzling riddle that has become her life.

    Coerced into assisting the Task Force for Rogue Apprehension, Styx temporarily relocates under an assumed identity. Without warning, the Rogue he is hunting…aptly dubbed the Collector…steps outside his modus operandi and fixates on a beautiful ER doctor. Styx insinuates himself into her life in hopes of stopping the killer. But all too quickly, the killer isn’t the only one obsessing over the irresistible doctor. Shocking disclosures soon come to light about the woman Styx has been assigned to protect, and dark secrets from Styx’s past come back to haunt him, putting Kate in jeopardy. If he refuses to break an old vow, Kate’s life could hang in the balance…but if he goes back on his word, Styx just might kill her himself.

    (Pages 364) Spicy
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-866-4


    Kate O’Rourke extended her hand and turned a heart-stopping smile on him.

    The floor slipped out from under his feet, and he fell head first into eyes the color of spring-fresh grass. Time spun out while every thought in his head deserted him.

    Hers was a classical beauty, timeless and graceful. Pixie-like. Almost Faerie in quality. The top of her head barely came to his shoulders. Her hand was tiny in his. But she was all woman. The touch of her skin on his, warm silk, jolted through him like an electrical charge, nearly bringing him to his knees.

    Awareness flickered in her stunning eyes.

    He couldn’t remember where he was. Couldn’t remember how he’d gotten here…or why. He couldn’t remember his own damned name right now, but there was no question in his mind. She’d felt the connection too. The darker, primitive side of his nature began to take over as he stared deep into her unblinking eyes. Images began to form in his mind…images of hot, sweat-misted, naked bodies writhing and straining on a tangle of red silk sheets. Hungry mouths. Greedy hands. Racing pulses. Skin on skin. He blinked, perspiration beading on his brow.

    Judging by her dazed expression, those images had been unintentionally transferred to her mind. The fact that she’d been so quick to intercept those images only attested to the fact that the attraction was mutual. That realization fueled his hunger…and his thirst.

    Her blood would taste so sweet...


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Cravings (paperback)

Cravings (paperback)

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