The Showboat Affair (Paperback) by Gwyneth Greer

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    After thirty years of marriage, Jean Kingston is freshly divorced and rediscovering the joys of being an independent woman as well a talent for interior design. Having a new man in her life is not part of the plan.

    Nick Cameron, prominent attorney and long-time widower, would like to change Jean’s mind and include him in her plans.

    Their adult children don’t approve of either plan, and are determined to keep Jean and Nick apart. Does their opposition include staging personal attacks against them? Could they really be desperate enough to stalk the couple on a weekend getaway? Or is there a deeper evil at work?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 326
    Word Count 79000
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-894-X


    The peal of the doorbell startled both of them. “This could look bad,” Nick said.

    “Not if it’s Selina. She went to look at some of those ice cream parlor tables I was telling you about last week.” Jean eyed him critically. “Button your shirt.”

    “It’s pretty rumpled.”

    “Button it anyway.” She brushed past him on her way to the door. “Maybe you should disappear.”

    “Are you serious?”

    Jean sighed. “No.” At the front door, she peered through the viewer and let out her breath in dismay. Juliana stood on the porch, her jaw set, looking primed for battle. Jean unlocked the door and opened it. “What brings you here so early, Juliana?”

    “I had some errands over this way. Aren’t you going to ask me in?”

    Jean stepped back. “Yes, of course. Come in. I have a guest.”

    Juliana’s eyebrows met her hairline. “A guest? I am interfering with your sleeping arrangements then.”

    Jean made a quick decision not to defend herself. “Come in the kitchen. I’m making waffles.”

    Nick rose hastily as the women walked in.

    “You must be Nick Cameron,” Juliana snapped.


    “My mother’s lover.”

    “Juliana!” Jean felt the blood drain from her face. “How dare you!”

    Nick’s eyes flashed, but his voice was courtroom courteous. “I spent the night on the sofa.”

    “Of course, you did.”

    His mouth twitched. “But if I’d spent it in your mother’s bed, it would have been her business, not yours.”


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The Showboat Affair (Paperback)

The Showboat Affair (Paperback)

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