Fleur de Lis Brides (paperback) by Linda Joyce

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  • Perfectionistic Branna Lind loves James Newbern, but she can’t wait on Fleur de Lis to be restored to marry him. James must protect her after his ex-fiancée steals Branna’s heirloom pearls. Getting to “I do” is more challenging than Branna and James imagined, but they’re fighting for happily-ever-after.

    Biloxi Dutrey found forever love. She’ll host the finest reception at Fleur de Lis unless Nick Trahan insists on more changes that threaten to revive the old Dutrey-Trahan family feud. Biloxi and Nick face a battle where the family loyalty lines are murky. Will they ever say, “I do”?

    Camilla Lind accepts Jared Richardson’s ring, but she fears setting a wedding date when Sterling blackmails her. She’s afraid Jared will believe the lies. Jared wants to marry her, but not so she can avoid Sterling. Is love steadfast or fickle, and could Mardi Gras be the perfect time for a wedding?


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Fleur de Lis Brides (paperback)

Fleur de Lis Brides (paperback)

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