Resort to Murder by Glenys O'Connell

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    Falsely disgraced police detective Ellie Fitzpatrick is prepared to face a vicious killer to redeem herself but is she also brave enough to make peace with the man she loves? When her meteoric career crashed and burned after she was accused of accepting bribes from thugs running a protection racket, Ellie is suspended from the job she loves and believes herself abandoned not only by police colleagues but by her lover, Detective Liam O'Reilly. She is called back to work when a biography of a serial killer she arrested suggests the man may be innocent. Reilly vows to protect Ellie from the gang who tried to frame her and the vicious killer who's stalking her. Can she trust him with her life?

    (228 pages) Sensual


    She knew she'd made a mistake the moment she walked in out of the noise of storm and smelled the delicate aroma of food warming in the oven. Her stomach reeled as she took in the exquisite table setting, the single perfect red rose, the stereo softly playing Liszt's "Dream of Love."

    Slowly she walked around the cottage, a sense of unreality shadowing her every step. Her home was empty. Her fingers trailed over the smooth bed sheets and her heart thumped as vivid shards of remembered passion flickered through her. Reilly was in her blood, a constant fever.

    But her living room was like an out-of-focus photograph. The romantic setting and music bore testimony to someone's recent presence. Her first guess would have been Brad, but he was sitting at the police station. Jack Goodfellow was in hospital. And Reilly? Well, even if he'd had the time, this kind of gesture wasn't in his repertoire at all. Too pretentious.

    She picked up the telephone and dead air mocked her.

    Was it the storm, or human intervention? Her cell phone was in her bag--still out in the car where she'd left it, too weary to drag it and all the files it contained into the house in the heavy rain. Warding off panic by action, she started for the door, intending to make a break for her car and safety. But the front door was already opening, slowly, slowly--and Ellie watched mesmerized, backing away.

    "You!" she gasped, shock freezing her.

    "Ellie, Ellie, Don't be afraid--I've been waiting. I've been waiting for you," he whispered hoarsely, pushing the door shut behind him.


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Resort to Murder

Resort to Murder

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