Rag Doll (paperback) by Joe Cosentino

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  • A Jana Lane Mystery

    America’s most famous ex-child star Jana Lane is starring in The Detective’s Wife, a murder mystery television show in 1985. Guest starring on the show is Christa Bianca, a rags-to-riches ingénue who has flooded the entertainment press. Life imitates television as cast members are murdered, and once again it’s up to Jana, along with sexy ex-detective Chris Bove, to save the day before the lights fade to black.

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 260
    Word Count: 60810
    978-1-5092-1000-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1001-5 Digital


    Herm directed the scene, where Jana and Bove talked about his rough day at work, cuddled in bed, then Jana experienced her appendicitis attack. Jana asked the nurse consultant for the specific area and intensity of her pain for a realistic performance.

    As they rehearsed the scene, Jana massaged Bove’s strong shoulders then rested against his firm chest. He added an unscripted kiss, and Jana didn’t balk. Jana’s concerns about Bove’s inexperience as an actor quickly vanished. She was thrilled to find Bove quite relaxed, in touch with his emotions, and believable in the character. However, Jana wasn’t surprised to note she and Bove had incredible chemistry together. When it came time for Jana’s appendicitis attack, she doubled over as if in terrible pain with tears filling her eyes. Bove leaped up with horror in his eyes and asked if she was all right.

    “Stay under the sheet, Bove. Okay, let’s shoot it,” Herm shouted.

    As the lighting crew adjusted a light and the slate was prepared, Bove leaned back on the headboard and caught his breath. “I thought you were really in pain.”

    “It’s called acting,” Jana said.

    Cindi freshened their makeup, taking extra time to comb Bove’s hair. Jana thought Bove looked like a puppy getting his tummy rubbed.

    Herm called for, “Roll camera! Slate! Action!”

    Jana and Bove did the scene. It went well, this time with Bove staying in character when Jana became ill.

    When the camera, lights, and boom microphone were in place for Jana’s close-up and Herm called for action, Jana and Bove did the scene again with a thin piece of gauze over the camera lens aimed at Jana.

    Ah, the plight of a middle-aged actress.

    Jana felt even better about that take. Their relationship worked, and the energy bounced back and forth between them almost effortlessly. Again Jana wondered what it would be like sharing her days with Bove and kissing Bove in bed before sleep each night.

    Herm’s call for action brought Jana back to the scene. Bove’s close-up was even better than the first two takes. It was as if they had been married for years with an easygoing yet emotional rapport.


    “Good job, partner.”

    Bove smiled at Jana. “Right back at you.”

    As she started to rise from the bed, Jana spotted Christa in the distance with a look of horror on her face. The young woman screamed as a lighting screen headed straight for her. Stu Silverman, standing next to Christa, noticed and pushed Christa out of the way in the nick of time. The screen crashed to the floor inches away from Christa’s feet. Standing on the other side of her, Andrew Bianca took his wife in his arms and she wept on his shoulder.

    Bove whispered to Jana, “Here we go again.”



Rag Doll, a Jana Lane mystery

“Rag Doll has lots of action that flows at a good pace. It is so well written this reviewer had no idea who the murderer was until the reveal! The forbidden attraction between Jana and Bove sizzles. If readers love this book, there are others in the Jana Lane series to be sought out.” Ind’tale Magazine


    Rag Doll, a Jana Lane mystery

    “the perfect masterpiece” “Readers will be excited, intrigued, and fascinated with this new title.” Urban Book Reviews http://goo.gl/AdlvLt


      Rag Doll, a Jana Lane mystery

      “I love a good mystery/suspense and also a good comedy, and Joe has a magical way of weaving them together into the perfect blend. If you like colorful characters, mystery/suspense, cozies, humor, attention to detail, and cute kids (B.J. is stealing the show!), this book is for you.” Cathy Brockman Romances http://goo.gl/BCPCOs


        Rag Doll, a Jana Lane mystery

        “This is an amazing murder mystery with a spectacular heroine, and I recommend it to all readers who are cozy mystery fans. Love, love, love this book!” Readers’ Favorite https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/rag-doll

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          Rag Doll (paperback)

          Rag Doll (paperback)

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