Bachelor Auction (paperback) by Darah Lace

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    Marcus lost interest in the emcee when Charlotte nuzzled his neck. He jerked his head away and tried to step back, but she held on tight, causing him to stumble. His hands fell to her waist as they regained their balance. Damn, when had he become so clumsy?

    “What’s the matter Marcus? Can’t you handle her?”

    Marcus tried to locate the joker in the back of the room but to no avail, and his anger once again rose to overshadow shock and embarrassment. He returned his attention to the cause of his humiliation. “Would you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing?”

    She smiled seductively, continuing to play to the crowd. “Paying you back.”

    His jaw clenched tighter. “For what?”

    “Someone altered my bid.” Her finger twirled around the hair at the back of his neck. “I’m thinking it was you.”

    Of all the things she could be paying him back for, that wasn’t one of them. “Why would I do that?”

    She leaned in close, her angry whisper betraying the sultry expression she presented to the crowd. “You tell me. You’re the one who chased me down. You’re the one who had his hands all over me in the closet.”

    “I already told you I followed you to apologize, and I seem to remember an invitation.”

    She glanced at his mouth, and her smile widened. “And I seem to remember how quick you were to accept.”

    The fact that he couldn’t deny her statement pissed him off royally. He’d been a fool to let desire rule his actions. “That doesn’t mean I can’t put a stop to this farce right now.”

    Her blue eyes clouded then hardened. “Yes, you could walk away. We both know you’re damn good at that.”


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Bachelor Auction (paperback)

Bachelor Auction (paperback)

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