Messing With Magic (paperback) by James Wearne

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  • A Lynx Somerton Story

    The 21st century has arrived, yet wizardry lurks in the musty libraries of the past. LYNX, a new agent for Supernatural Intelligence, believes the time has come to throw away the robes and rituals and revolutionize magic. Her colleagues are old school and don’t trust her. However, when a break-in occurs at the National Gallery of London, she has a chance to show what she can do. What she does not count on is having to baby sit Andy the thief or having her best friend killed and accused of treason. As she tries to prove his innocence, and pay off a debt the thief owes to dangerous, paranormal money-lenders, she finds herself falling in love with the handsome Andy. Out-gunned and out-powered, she has to fight to stay alive in order to find out if her love is real or if messing with magic will be her downfall.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 304
    Word Count: 77240
    978-1-5092-0853-1 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0854-8 Digital


    I dove on Andy, covering him with my body as heat sizzled along my spine. The fireball missed and exploded amongst a shelf of expensive bags. The smell of burnt leather filled my nostrils, and we both slapped our legs to douse the flames. I glanced up to see what we were facing. A fire demon stood blocking the main exit from the room. It had skin like flowing lava, with black crust floating on crimson fire beneath. It brandished a sword of flames with one of its four arms, and its head almost touched the roof.

    Its eyes found mine and locked on. It had come for me and strode toward us, knocking over the counters and displays in its way. For some reason I was overcome by an urgent desire to stand up, plant a staff in front of me, and boldly shout. “You shall not pass.”

    I was happy I didn’t, for the luxuries within the room started to ignite around the fire demon, and it sent another fireball whistling our way. Retreat seemed a sensible option.

    People were screaming and running. I saw a man fall as the demon passed him, horrific burns upon his face. I dragged Andy by his shirt. “Move.”

    We ran for the adjoining room. It was the Harrods’s coffee shop. The fire alarm started ringing, and the sprinkler system turned on. I looked back to see another fireball streaking toward us. I pulled Andy down and flipped a table to shelter behind. The fireball smashed into it in a shower of exploding flame. I looked for a way out, but everywhere there were people running—except for one idiot who was filming the demon on his phone. I had to stop this demon here or more people would be hurt. I rose. Andy shouted, “Get down. Are you mad?”

    I turned and said, “Run you fool.”

    Andy didn’t run, much to my annoyance, but he did stay in cover behind the table. I put him out of my mind but stepped away to keep him out of the firing line.

    The demon paused as it spied me, then, with what would pass for a smile upon its hideous face, it moved forward in anticipation. Two fireballs came hissing my way. I threw up a shield of blue energy, trying to keep a clear conduit flowing. I felt the heat, and as my shield buckled, a searing pain in the bones of my body. I was in trouble. I hadn’t expected a demon to be this strong. I hoped I wasn’t going to regret standing up.

    The demon closed the gap in two huge strides and swung at me with his sword. I tucked and rolled, feeling the sparks as the sword smashed the ground beside me. I kept on rolling. The demon took two steps to the left to follow me and raised its sword to swing again.

    “It was you who destroyed my flat.” I accused trying to stall for time, while I frantically looked for a way out.

    The demon checked its swing to answer. “I was following my Mistress’ orders. But destroying your flat was fun.”

    A red-hot anger welled up in me, and I cast a burst of magical energy that hit the demon full in the chest. It smiled once more, as the energy vanished into his body. How did he manage that? I was in serious trouble.


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Messing With Magic (paperback)

Messing With Magic (paperback)

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