Consequences (paperback) by M. Flagg

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    The Champion Chronicles

    Every action has a consequence. And some are harder to face than others. A mystically enhanced vampire survives the wrath of three evil sorcerers. Rescued by Alana Ciminio, a Guardian of Souls, as well as many members of the Georgian Circle, Michael Malone is taken to Portofino for an unprecedented healing. When brought to consciousness, nothing in Michael’s undead life is familiar. Unwilling to face what he’s done, he doggedly rails against every essential truth until he is forced to accept his actions. The Champion’s dream of survival had revealed his deepest desire. And when the most difficult part of this journey begins, he comes to realize that his destiny is with Alana and his troubled mortal son. Salvation lies in their unconditional love. And Michael’s road to redemption will lead to an unexpected destination never thought possible—by him or anyone else.

    (Pages 384) Spicy


    The beautiful woman settled against the exquisite floral pattern of the chair near his bed. With a tilt of her head, long brown curls rested against the high back to frame her lovely face. She is mine, Michael thought, a vision of loveliness…

    Full red lips, expressive eyes the color of a precious gem! Each individual feature stirred passion in his hazy brain. Renewed desire for her touch raced through every fiber of his being. Alana’s scent enticed, beckoned. And he wanted her. He’d hold Alana and bring pleasure enough to make her sigh. He knew every inch of her curvaceous, supple body.

    To straighten his slumped position, both fists bore into the soft mattress. Sharp pain shot through his chest, and he gasped.

    Alana gripped the chair’s cushioned arms. “Are you all right? Should I get Thorn? Can I help you? Where does it hurt? I mean I-I’m sorry. I know that sounded—a little silly,” she murmured before exhaling a frazzled breath.

    “Needless concern on such an enchanting face… You are distressed, but I am fine, my lady. I have four broken ribs that heal as we speak! Truthfully, I see them in my mind,” he declared with a wondrous smirk. Very soft, he added, “You care for me. Your heart quickens.”

    “Yes, I do, and yes, it does.”

    “I have loved you. I have made love to you.” Her body warmed, and his confidence soared. Now if he could only touch her…


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Consequences (paperback)

Consequences (paperback)

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