Prophecy (paperback) by Heather McCollum

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    The Dragonfly Chronicles


    Four powerful sisters, hidden through time, fighting for love and a chance to save the world.

    PROPHECY – Serena Faw must shut out the barrage of thoughts from everyone around her. Her telepathic powers reveal the darkness and true intentions behind every false smile. When her adopted brother is accused of murder, the only man who can help her is the one person she cannot read. Can she trust him with the life of her brother? Can she trust him with her heart? Keenan Maclean is the younger brother to the new chief of the Macleans. A dark prophecy shadows him. One brother will live wed to a witch and one will die. Keenan is raised to defend his clan and die.

    Serena and Keenan hunt a loyalist murderer before the Battle of Culloden and fall in love despite the prophecy’s warning that she heralds his death.

    (Pages 356) Sensual
    Time Travel


    “He had two blades,” Keenan said.

    “One was for you. You first so you couldn’t save your brother. The second was for Lachlan.”

    “And ye kent his plan.” Keenan’s calm voice belied the tenseness she saw in his clenched jaw line. He wasn’t as calm as he tried to present. Maybe she was learning how to decipher some emotions from his face, like normal people had to do. She studied him as he continued. “So ye sought the poisoned blades and used yerself as a shield.”

    “Not exactly.” Serena held up her fingers and waved them. “I sought the blades, but only to pick them from his pocket.”

    “Ye were only able to pick one blade,” he said. “Ye knew that ye couldn’t grab them both.” She watched his jaw line begin to tick. Amazing what one could discern from another without using magic. He was angry, perhaps furious inside.

    “I had to do something,” Serena said.

    “I can protect my brother. I have since I could walk,” Keenan replied flatly.

    Serena looked up at him, her eyes narrowed. “I didn’t grab the blade meant for Lachlan,” she said and looked back at the cup in her hands. Her hands shook slightly as she held it to her parted lips and sipped the broth.

    Serena nearly jumped when she felt his thumb touch her cheek. “Ye protected me.” His words sounded calm, intrigued, so she looked back to him. But his eyes held fury, as if all of the emotion had drained from his words into them. “Doona do it again.”



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Prophecy (paperback)

Prophecy (paperback)

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