Confessions of a Con Man (paperback) by Kimberlee R. Mendoza

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  • After several prominent businessmen are gunned down, Detective George Heller is assigned to the case. While investigating, he is murdered. His son, Officer Stan Heller, is determined to find his father's killer, and is ecstatic to discover that one of the victims has survived. Stan goes to the hospital to see him, but is saddened to find that his only witness is in a coma. During Stan's many visits to the hospital, he becomes friends with nurse, Kari Jensen. Romance might be possible if it weren't for Stan's thirst for revenge.

    Rating: non-romance
    Page Count: 276
    Word Count: 62955
    978-1-5092-0957-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0958-3 Digital


    Lee Avarice paced on the plush, cream carpet, checking his watch again. The red colon blinked another miserable second. In some vain attempt to calm his nerves, he closed his eyes and breathed deep.

    When he opened them, a gold letter opener caught his reflection. Lee picked it up and tilted his head to the left. The nick from his morning shave was still noticeable. He set the tool back on the desk and patted the sides of his hair. His botched haircut made him look like an aged Harry Potter in a windstorm. Does it matter how presentable I appear?

    The knock came, firm and loud. Confident.

    He’s here. Lee straightened his glasses and cleared his throat. “Come in.” Maybe I should greet him. He started to walk to the door, but then glanced back at his cherry-wood desk and slid behind it. A location of power. Should I sit? No, I’ll stand.

    The door opened.

    His heart skipped.

    A barrel of a gun stared him in the face.

    “Hello, Lee.”

    “What’s the meaning of this?” He swallowed hard and lifted his gaze from the gun to the would-be-shooter.

    “I think you know.” The gloved-hand cocked the trigger.

    Sweat dripped from his forehead into his eyes. What have I done? Think. Useless information flowed through his mind, nothing worthy of this moment. Not that he hadn’t made enemies. With hands raised, he walked around the front of the desk. “What’s this about?”

    No answer.

    “I’m sure we can fix whatever it is.” His knees buckled underneath him. “Please.” He clasped his hands in front of him. “Please, I don’t deserve to die.”

    “Say good-bye, Mr. Avarice.”

    “I could pay you.”

    The gun cocked.

    Lee’s throat tightened. His head swam. “Whatever it is, I can fix it.” A deafening bang sounded. Warm blood. Then darkness.


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Confessions of a Con Man (paperback)

Confessions of a Con Man (paperback)

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