Texas Blaze (paperback) by Brenda Huber

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    Devastated by her guardian's death, Hope Lewis must travel to West Texas to live with her closest relative, an uncle she’s never met. But a dark secret puts Hope in harm’s way as a brutal renegade targets Hope and vows to destroy her uncle and his protégé, Ethan Kincaid. And the dangerous raider is only half her problem as she battles her confusing attraction for Ethan.

    After the murder of his fiancée, Ethan Kincaid is dedicated to revenge. He’s vowed never to love again, but Hope pushes his resolve and self-control to their limits. Can he risk his heart a second time, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

    (pages 356) Spicy


    She jumped, strangling off a startled shriek as she bumped against his chest. How did he manage to keep sneaking up on her like that?

    Spinning to face him—irritated that he’d listened in on a private conversation, even if it had been with no one else but herself—she planted her fists on her hips again, glaring up at him.

    “There’s nothing wrong with the ‘standards’ of the men in Maryland.” Her chin rose defensively. He was so close that every time she took a deep breath, the lace on her bodice brushed against his shirt, but she refused to step back. He wouldn’t intimidate her with his size…or the wicked look in his eyes.

    His lips curled, and her heart fluttered. “There must be something wrong with ’em if they prefer holding scrawny women.”

    Her scowl deepened and she sucked in an outraged breath at the word scrawny. Lifting her chin another notch in defiance, she did her best to ignore the twin points of fury heating her cheeks. “I wouldn’t know about their preferences.” Her tone slipped beyond the borders of haughty, straight into the land of ice princess. “It wasn’t as though I went about hugging a bunch of men…much less asking their opinion on the matter.”

    “You didn’t seem the type.” Ethan’s smile widened, turning decidedly provocative. “Of course, I didn’t say huggin’, I said holdin’. There’s a difference, sweetheart.”

    Her brow wrinkled, and she gritted her teeth in consternation. “What are you talking about? There’s no difference.”

    “Oh, yes, Hope. There most definitely is,” he whispered as he leaned toward her…leaned into her. His unsettling gaze, vivid with temptation, traced her lips. When he lifted his smoldering gaze to hers, she felt herself falling into bottomless cobalt fire.


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Texas Blaze (paperback)

Texas Blaze (paperback)

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