Wild Goose Chase (paperback) by Jan Romes

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  • Olivia Pence has been a word-nerd and all-around geek forever, which didn’t exactly win her a ton of friends growing up. It did, however, snag the attention of a like-minded geek, Dezz Casey. Instead of becoming fast friends, Dezz became a competitive thorn. The rivalry continued through grade school, high school, college, and now as co-workers for Brilliance magazine.

    The most annoying thing – Dezz went from being a homely dork to six-feet-three-inches of hotness that infuriates Olivia to the point of madness. Their boss has had her fill of the chaos and orders a two-week cooling-off period where they’re to travel (separately) and find serendipitous situations to write about.

    Will the time away fix their work issues and their hearts? Or will it amount to a wild goose chase that drives them farther apart?


    Olivia slid her sunglasses on to conceal her red, puffy eyes and grabbed the leather-wrapped steering wheel of the candy-apple red Chevy Malibu rental like it was a life preserver. She sucked in a deep breath, exhaled with just as much force, and entered her destination into the car’s navigation system. “Miami, Florida, here I come. No more hormonal sneak attacks. No more hotel room rendezvous. No more swilling cranberry martinis to Van Morrison’s Days Like This—at least with Dezz present. Just serious journalism without the drama.”

    Setting the cruise control at 70 mph, she cranked up the radio to drown out any thoughts that might try to detour her fresh start. Ironic that Kenny Rogers was belting out his song, The Gambler. His philosophy of knowing when to walk away and when to run was exactly what she needed to hear. Technically, she was driving away, but the message was clear—get as far away from Dezz as humanly possible.

    A sense of calm came over Olivia as soon as she crossed into Kentucky. Ohio was behind her. Soon there’d be rolling hills, cornfields, and horse farms to remind her of home.

    Ten miles down the road, the small headache she always got when she didn’t drink her usual five or six cups of coffee tracked across her forehead, prompting a quick exit. “At this rate I’ll never get to Florida.” A blue sign showing food, gas, and lodging directed her to turn right. “Halleluiah. A service plaza,” she said trying to get some oomph going.

    Before she plunked down the money for the extra tall cup of Arabica blend, an egg salad sandwich, and small bag of potato chips, Olivia removed the lid of the coffee and blew away the steam. She took a cautious sip. “Ahhh!” Her eyes rolled back in her head.

    The guy behind her teased the cashier. “Whatever she’s drinking, make mine a double.”

    Olivia turned with a giggle. “Straight out of When Harry Met Sally.”

    The man had a blank look. “Huh?”

    “Meg Ryan. Billy Crystal.”



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Wild Goose Chase (paperback)

Wild Goose Chase (paperback)

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